District enrollment has continued to grow this year with the addition of 598 students, based on Official October 1 Enrollment data. This growth of 3.2% is equivalent to one elementary school. Despite this growth, the District was able to reduce class sizes with the average class size for elementary being 22.9 students and for middle and high schools at 25.1 students.

In addition to reducing class size the district has been working over the summer and this fall with a demographer to develop a long-term facility plan. This plan will include the placement of programs in buildings. The District is intentionally including the placement of programs in the planning process to provide our families with information that can assist when considering programs for their student. The District’s goal is to make long-term decisions that will allow specific programs to remain in buildings for the foreseeable future (8-10 years).

The preliminary long-term facility recommendations from this work with the demographer will be presented to the Board of Directors in December January 2015 at one of their regularly scheduled School Board meetings. Following this presentation, a series of community meetings will be scheduled to solicit community input and feedback. Final recommendations will be made after community input is analyzed and incorporated.