At the Jan. 6 Board meeting, Demographer Shannon Bingham presented an updated facilities strategy. Among the highlights and recommendations:

  • New and reconstructed facilities will effectively address seat demands at the elementary level.
  • Space at the reconstructed Sammamish, Odle and Highland schools will require additional programs to fill the buildings to capacity.
  • Additional portables in Fall 2015 at Somerset, Bellewood, Woodridge, Newport and Tyee.
  • Relocate Jing Mei to the old Newport Heights building.
  • Consider partially decentralizing PALS at Phantom Lake to a second site.
  • Cascade, Pacific and Olympic programs could benefit from an additional elementary location.

Next Steps: The administration will work with principals and program directors to address portable classroom needs for the Fall of 2015 and the utilization of the swing schools. Program directors will be asked to explore scenarios proposed by the demographer to relocate special education and early learning programs and finalize recommendations for Fall of 2015. Stakeholder engagement processes will begin in the Spring to address World Language, Sammamish program and other potential academic focus areas such as excess demand at the International School.