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  • ­Finalize meeting times
  • ­Select time periods for unit two- Review Table of contents from:
  • ­Holt
  • ­Heath
  • ­Norton
  • ­Discuss text selection for unit 2
  • ­Update on Unit 3-
  • ­Copies of books
  • ­Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
  • ­Review sample criteria rubrics and begin discussion of evaluative criteria.

Text Proposal – Unit 2

Review table of contents of 3 different anthologies: Norton, Heath and Holt. How do they divide up the time periods? In the interest of time, are we okay with curriculum writer’s choosing the pieces?

  • Like divisions within Heath and focus on different voices. Nice balance. Holt seems nice thematically but limited selection, and Norton is classic college text.
  • Not looking to adopt a full text, but using to guide time periods and maybe use the introductory materials from Heath sections.

Vote: Use Heath time period divisions—unanimous support

Do we want anchor texts? Good to have choice, but also good to have shared experiences. Maybe a pool of choices for piloting, but then select anchor texts. Anchor texts would be helpful for special education students and for special education teachers to know what’s going on for students. Maybe we pilot 5 anchor texts w/larger pool – provides a bit of balance, shared experience for teachers while still allowing choice. Difficult to talk about outcomes of pilot without shared experiences. Anchor texts should probably be tied to time periods.

Vote: 5 anchor texts + 2-3 optional texts per time period—unanimous support

Do we own enough texts for curriculum designers to design the unit, or do we need to purchase a new text?

  • Other volumes of Holt do have other American texts, especially short stories and poetry. We could use those, too – we’d just need to make sure the individual titles weren’t being used in other classes. Plenty in DiYanni.
  • What’s missing from all texts is more contemporary work. How far forward in American history are we going? Focus of unit is on short fiction, so naturally not beginning until 1800s. Making curriculum more diverse, looking to hear underrepresented voices across time periods.
  • For contemporary texts (anchor and optional), may need to look for small, inexpensive collection. Possibly Reading Seattle by UW English professor.

Selecting 5 anchor texts from DiYanni and Holt

Do we add in non-fiction? Focus of unit is on fiction, but some non-fiction texts are emphasized by CCSS.

  • Could those be included? Is there room to add to this unit? Pretty sure social studies read specific texts, but not for English CCSS. Possible to fit in 12th grade curriculum?

Cathy will talk to social studies about what they can do.

Vote: Curriculum writers will select texts. Texts that do not come from district-approved texts (DiYanni, Holt) need to come to this team.

Text Proposal – Unit 3

Possibility of using play version of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet created by Book It Theater – BIT also interested in partnering with us. However, BIT productions aren’t really plays; they’re more books on stage. Difficult to know if this is worth pursuing. It’s great that it’s local, but does it really fit the unit’s requirements? Great novel choice for unit 6 (especially great to have Chinese and Japanese characters side-by-side), but doesn’t have an issue with a different side, one that allows for the nuances of the unit. Conclusion: Let’s not pursue the play for unit 3.