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Members Present

Heather Edlund, Vivian Tam, Tina Bogucharova, Carrie Lin, Sun Bedford, Christina Geisendorfer, Jennifer Yen, Ed Wang, Monica Lo

Last Meeting

Due to the few attendance, the committee did not have meeting minutes as members present could not move forward without the rest of the members. Template of the Chinese DLP recommendations was formed based on the BSD graduation recommendations. The section on “staff quality and professional development” was written and will be reviewed at the June meeting.

Addressing Community/Parent E-mails

E-mails were received asking about the following—

  1. The difference in writing expectation for students who move into 6th grade with immersion background vs. students who begin the target language in 6th Will there be traditional character writing?
  2. Does the current program have enough English instruction, specifically phonological awareness, grammar, spelling, and writing?

Next year’s goal for writing—develop writing expectations, anchor papers, and rubrics. Recommendations will be made for both languages.

All ELD recommendations will be discussed at the next meeting after the Jing Mei parent meeting on May 7th.

Recommendation Writing

The committee split into two groups to write the recommendations. Recommendations will be written using the BSD graduation recommendation template and will be based on the 7 strands of CAL. Group A took on Assessment and Accountability, Instruction, and Family and Community. Group B took on Curriculum, Program structure, and Support and Resources. Both groups made progress on the recommendations.

Next Meeting

June 3rd from 4-6pm. The committee decided that the two groups will meet on their own before the June 3rd meeting to continue writing the recommendations. At the June 3rd meeting, the committee will be evaluating and discuss the written recommendations together.