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  • ­Finalize meeting times
  • ­Unit 2 request from SpEd and ELL- Anchor passages
  • ­Unit 3: Update-
  • ­Review sample criteria rubrics and begin discussion of evaluative criteria.

Unit 2 Update

SpEd and ELL request: Within anchor texts, we need to identify anchor passages.

Creating anchor texts will help SpEd and ELL population to really access text instead of getting a watered-down version. We should make this practice for all units.

Unit 3 Update

Comments about texts:

Book of Matt: Concerns about quality of writing, structure would be really difficult for ELL/SpEd (tracking characters).  Would students have the same buy-in? If they read Laramie first and really bought in…?

Twilight: Introduction does a great job of framing the American conversation.

Laramie Project: We are looking to broaden the voices to address essential questions. Bellevue is a diverse place; trying to give ourselves another way to talk about our community. How do we frame what it means to be partly American and part of a diverse society? How can we help teachers to navigate this effectively?

Cathy consulted with KCLS librarian, still couldn’t come up with other possible dramas that would fit this unit. She would like the team to have broader choice.

Possible to choose other central text if we supplement with readings (essays on sociology and psychology, articles/essays with other voices/views on same events, etc). Could choose a film as a central text, especially documentary. Consider supplementing unit with satirical commentary on events (The Onion, The Daily Show, etc.)

Possible to put Fences at the beginning of unit 6 before lit circles to include drama elsewhere.

Review Initial Criteria

  • Preparation for college, career and life
  • Articulation between grade levels
  • Accessible to a diverse student population
  • Aligned to ELA CCSS
  • Aligned with unit objectives
  • Suitable to the intellectual and social maturity of intended student users
  • Textual Complexity appropriate for Grade 11

Second from bottom was added in response to district policy. Do we need to add an equity piece?– accessible to a diverse student population addresses this. A technology piece?

Text Proposal – Unit 6

Possible to have a longer list than 6? Maybe make 6 texts available, but provide longer list for them to choose from if they want to procure them (library, purchase). Could ask for PTSA grant to provide scholarships for students who want to choose one of those options.

Ask teachers across the district to recommend titles and create a brief book talk / overview / talking points.

Maybe 10 books for all schools, but students would still have option of proposing other titles. Literature circles of 4-7 students.

Jenn Weitman suggested texts:

  • “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan
  • “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie
  • “The Cutting of My Long Hair” by Zitkala-sa
  • An excerpt from The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
  • “Masks and Acculturation” by Margaret Montoya

Classic America Short Stories:

  • ­The Fall of the House of Usher–Edgar Allan Poe
  • ­Bartleby the Scrivener–Herman Melville
  • ­The Yellow Wall-Paper–Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • ­The Gift of the Magi–O. Henry
  • ­A White Heron–Sarah Orne Jewett
  • ­The Legend of Sleepy Hollow–Washington Irving
  • ­Paul’s Case–Willa Cather
  • ­Bernice Bobs Her Hair–F. Scott Fitzgerald

Nicole Shimizu

  • Woman Hollering Creek– Sandra Cisneros- Vignettes from the point of view of Mexican American women.
  • The Jumping Tree, Rene Saldana, Jr.- Coming of age story of Rey who grows up in Texas near the Mexican border. It is a collection of related short stories
  • Voices from the Fields: Children of Migrant Farmworkers Tell Their Stories, S. Beth Atkin- Compendium of interviews, poems and photographs highlighting 9 migrant Mexican-American children.
  • Cool Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Growing Up Latino in the United States,  Lori Carlson- Celebrates the tones, rhythms, sounds and experiences of living between two cultures.