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June 3rd, 2015
Committee Members—Heather Edlund, Vivian Tam, Carrie Lin, Tina Bogucharova, Sun Burford, Chrissy Geisendorfer, Jennifer Yen, Paris Granville, Edward Wang, Monica Lo

Meeting Agenda

  • Community Voices and Updates
  • Recommendation Writing
  • Next Meeting

Community Voices and Update

  • Community emails regarding ELD time at Jing Mei were forwarded to the ELD panel—Cindy Rogen, Heidi LaMare, Vivian Tam, Tina Bogucharova, and Monica Lo
  • New deadline for recommendations—end of first trimester of the 2015-16 school year
  • 3 more meetings

Reminder: Purpose of the Committee

Review the findings and recommendations from the recent studies that have been conducted regarding the Chinese immersion programs. The committee will also provide input for identifying priorities and developing the implementation plan.

Recommendation Writing

To efficiently draft the recommendations, we will divide into two groups (at least one teacher, one developer, and one parent per group). Each group will take half of the list and begin drafting recommendations and rationales, using CAL’s 7 strands of guiding principals as a guideline and the BSD graduation recommendations for template.

Use the BSD graduation recommendations as reference.

Group A will take on Program Structure, Curriculum, and Support and Resources

Group B will take on Assessment and Accountability, Instruction, and Family and Community

Use details as either examples or as additional recommendations

Next Meeting Agenda

  • Continue drafting the rationale for each recommendation
  • Next meeting: September 2nd, 2015 at ESC