Welcome back to the 2015-16 school year. CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. Bellevue School District has twelve career clusters. They are Horticulture (Agriculture), Architecture/Construction/Manufacturing, Arts/AV Technology & Communication, Business/Management & Administration, Education Training, Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Marketing, Engineering (STEM), and Transportation. Each cluster has very specific courses that lead into a career pathway. This year we will focus on each career cluster, a typical 4-year high school plan, what college credits are available through technical, community college, and university programs, and professional certifications that can be earned while in high school.

We will start this year with our Education Training Program. We have two programs; one program is at Newport High School with instructor Rick Kilcup, and the other program is located at Sammamish High School with instructor Rachel Ogimachi. This will be Sammamish High School’s first year having a Teaching Academy program. Courses available are:

Teaching Academy 1
Explore and experience the educational system from teaching to administration. In addition to instruction and seminars at the high school, students will intern with a mentor teacher at a preschool, elementary, middle, or high school of their choice. Throughout the year, students participate in the inner-workings of the classroom, school and district. They will gain knowledge and experience in teamwork, time management, communication, leadership, and current issues in the school system. This course is a must for students interested in a professional career in education.

Teaching Academy 2
Students will continue to increase their knowledge about teaching and learning through daily internship experiences. Students will work closely with the Teaching Academy instructor and mentor teacher to complete independent assignments and projects.

Tech Prep College Credit is Growing!

Career and Technical Education courses are gaining popularity and so are the college credit options. In 2012-13, 1,975 credits were earned, in 2013-14 we jumped to 3,830 credits, and in 2014-15 we jumped to 4,245 credits earned by high school students. That is an incredible increase! CTE not only provides high school credit, but also provides college credit for a nominal fee of $46.00 a year for as many credits a student can earn. Students must maintain a “B” average while in the course, register for the course on-line, and pay the fee. Registration to earn college credit this year will begin in December. More information will be provided as we get closer to registration.