Clyde Hill Elementary launched its first full year of Walking Wednesdays on September 30, 2015. Blitz from the Seattle Seahawks, firefighters from the Bellevue Fire Department and officers from the Clyde Hill Police Department were on hand to welcome students as they arrived at school.

Walking Wednesdays is a partnership between school staff, the PTA, and community members. Last spring parents and school staff began brainstorming ways to decrease traffic congestion in the area before and after school. The answer came through collaborating with the school’s PE department and incorporating physical fitness and encouraging active lifestyles. The program was enthusiastically embraced by students and parents alike, and the school continues to see a noticeable decrease in traffic congestion on Wednesdays.

“From all accounts it was well received and considered a success!” Clyde Hill parent Mark Oppfelt, who has helped organize Walking Wednesdays, said. “Once people get in the habit of walking, I’m hoping families will choose to walk one to two additional days every week.”