On Oct. 27, chefs from around the country, including Newport High School’s Tracy Green, traveled to Washington D.C. to ask Congress for their support in authorizing the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill.  This act authorizes all of the federal child nutrition programs, including the School Breakfast, National School Lunch, Child and Adult Care Food, Summer Food Service, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Programs and WIC.

Green, who is a teacher and chef at Newport, was invited to participate in this event because of her involvement at the local level with the organization FORKS (Fields, Oceans, Ranches, Kitchens, Stewards).  FORKS works with chefs and the greater food community to celebrate local foods and foster a more sustainable food supply.  Green is also nationally connected with Chefs Collaborative.

Before traveling to D.C., Green asked some of her students “what’s up with school lunches?” and she received responses back about how much they appreciated having school lunch available for when they had a busy morning and didn’t have time to make a lunch and that it’s important for the school to provide nutritious meals and information to students and families.

While at the White House, Green met with Deb Eshmeyer, the executive director of Let’s Move, and senior policy advisor for nutrition policy.  Green read some of the students’ responses to Congress members.

“As a mother, teacher and chef, I know there is nothing  more important than making sure that all of the children in our community and nation are healthy, able to learn and grow into productive, nutrition savvy members of society,” said Green.  “I feel that schools have the opportunity to teach students to read, love science, implement technology and do high level math, but also to make healthy food choices.”