Gerry Ghanooni is a former ELL teacher for Bellevue School District. Ghanooni is retired now, but missed the kids too much to stay home. She joined the VIBES Mentor Tutor Program in March of 2011. Her specialty is supporting emerging readers – letter recognition, letter sounds, word recognition, and starter books. For Ghanooni, the best part is watching a child come to realize that they can read – a whole new world opens up to them and their eyes just light up. It is a proud moment for the child and Ghanooni is there to witness it. Ghanooni loves being a VIBES mentor!

Ghanooni has returned to VIBES this school year to continue her partnership with first grade teacher, Dawn Redemann, and kindergarten dual language teacher, Mariano Lizano. Lizano has paired Ghanooni with a small group of students that need help with early literacy skills – letter recognition and letter sounds. Redemann has paired Ghanooni with an ELL student who needs help with letter sounds, word recognition and starter books. From her own prior experience and with guidance from the two teachers, Ghanooni is providing “just right” strategies that the students need to improve. Both teachers have great confidence in the support Ghanooni provides. Students look forward to working with Ghanooni and the teachers report seeing measureable improvement for the students working with her.

Ghanooni feels much appreciated by staff and students. Both teachers were eager to get her started this year and several students from last year have asked Ghanooni if she will come back this year to help them. For Ghanooni that is an easy one – ABSOLUTELY!

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