To establish the criteria for the instructional materials for Japanese 1-4.

Preliminary Material List

  • Adventures in Japanese (Cheng & Tsui)
  • Japan Foundation (Online activities available for Free)
  • Beginning Japanese (Tuttle)
  • Kisetsu (Tsuda & Shimano)


  • This process is based on board procedure 2020
  • We will have 3 meetings (unpaid) of no more than 2 hours
  • Members volunteer to pilot two sets of instructional materials
  • We take a consensus vote at the third meeting
  • If the committee does not reach consensus the curriculum department will make the decision
  • Members must be present at all three meetings to vote
  • Materials will be purchased on 2016-2017 budget of $45,0000
  • We need to base our decision on instructional materials that are available now – not the future
  • The minutes of the meeting are posted on the district website under advisory committees
  • The materials should support the needs of all types of learners with regard to extensions, supports, and representing multiple perspectives

Today’s Decisions

  • What will be our consensus
  • Non-negotiables for Materials
  • Next Steps

Consensus Process

  • Thumbs Up: I think it’s a good decision and will advocate for it.
  • Thumbs Sideways: I am comfortable with the proposal but would like to discuss some minor issues.
  • Thumbs Down: I still need to discuss certain issues and suggest changes that should be made.

Meeting Minutes

Members present:

  • Lori Striecker, Parent
  • Rebecca Mayes, special education
  • Lynda Hurley, Bellevue HS
  • Noriko Lafavour, Bellevue HS
  • Miyuki Stuart, Chinook MS
  • Paris Granville, World Language

Non-negotiation items (Unanimous vote)

  • Home Supports for Students and Families
  • E-text
  • Hardcover – durable
  • Engaging Illustrations in color to give language learners comprehensible input
  • Same publisher for all Levels
  • Supports AP
  • Be able to put workbook and text pages into OneNote
  • Supports AP
  • Backward Designed from the Standards


  • Unanimous vote to eliminate Marugoto because of it confusing to students and doesn’t come in hardcover and limited in its content
  • Beginning and Intermediate Japanese is eliminated due to concerns about the content not aligned to the standards and seems to be for older learners
  • We come to consensus to pilot Adventures in Japanese
  • We come to consensus to pilot Kisetsu

Next Steps

  • Paris will set up piloting
  • Teachers will send the students and level they want to pilot
  • Paris will contact publisher for training
  • Ask for 2 teacher guides for Adventures in Japanese 1 & Workbook and online access
  • Ask training
  • Get and estimate
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