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The first meeting of the K-5 Chinese Dual Language Adoption Committee took place on February 26, 2016. Download the meeting PowerPoint


  • Everyone did self-introduction
  • (Who are you? One thing fun in mid-winter break)

Committee’s Goal and Purpose

–To adopt a 5-year instructional material that needs to meet the 8 standards

Monica explained the reasons (also see Power Point slide 4)–

  • Hard to communicate between each grade level
  • Systematic curriculum


If parents have questions, teachers and committee members should direct them to

Procedure and timeline

Once adopted, the materials cannot be changed within 5 years. However, teachers can use other books as supplemental materials.

Committee members need to bring in three textbooks. Members can do research on the textbooks and tell Monica beforehand so she can get in touch with the publisher. Most importantly, the material need to be standard-aligned to make sure a smooth transition into secondary schools. (CCSS/ACTFL/WA State World Language)

Materials used—“美洲华语” and “My first Chinese book

Tasks for Next Meeting

Research and bring three sets of materials meeting the requirements on sliden 4.

Present pros and cons for each material: We’re not trying to sell the textbooks to other members. We’ll evaluate based on the requirements and the needs for our program.


When is the next meeting date and time? (2-hour meeting)

Most members voted for March 30th.Wednesday from 1:20 pm –3:20 pm

Parent member expressed concern about students’ reading level—students find the things they can read that are not interesting, but the things they are interested in are overwhelming for them. Not many students want to read Chinese for fun.

  • Give students enough encouragement
  • Give students on-level reading materials
  • Possible parent/community event for where to find on-level reading materials for each grade level for next year
  • Help students build up good reading habit
  • Give students enough visual aids