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The second meeting of the High School Algebra 1 Adoption Committee took place on March 16, 2016. Download the meeting PowerPoint


  • Check in
  • Review process and timeline
  • Review Story, Interests, Options
  • Review materials
  • Develop straw designs
  • Check-out and next steps

Committee Members Present

Liz Ritz and Sharon Kautz Facilitators
Scott Powers Administrator
Thad Williams ELL
Rose Hadorn Special Education
Andy McMaster Bellevue High School
Amanda MacLeod Big Picture
Jami Hoeger Interlake High School
Heather Lorge Newport High School
Mary Takle Sammamish

Options and Straw Design for Program

  • Brainstorm possible solutions- answers how (what approach, integrated or not, etc.)?
    • Defer evaluation and commitment
    • Based on the interests
  • Develop a straw design in 2 groups and share

Updates on Straw Design

Program Feature Priority Budget Implication
Two period block (students could earn Alg. 1 or both Alg. 1 and geometry credit) No
Smaller class size (less than 20) Yes
Co-teaching with special education and math expertise Possibly
Adaptive Software (multiple options) Yes
Spanish speaker and/or translation interface Yes
District wide Algebra 1 team to meet quarterly or more Yes
Curriculum including pre/post assessments is well documented and sustainable (summer work?) Yes
Shared planning period and course periods for Algebra 1 teachers  (ELL and Special Education included) Possibly

Other considerations:

  • Research other districts that use an integrated approach
  • Math Fellows
  • Take in to consideration class size increase during the year
  • Research places that do an integrated approach with Algebra 1 and Geometry.
  • Building in flexibility into whatever program we choose.
  • Have all the Algebra 1 courses offered during the same 2 periods?  Some get Algebra  1 credit and some get to Algebra 1 and Geometry credit (Decide in December which students would get which credits). ND
  • Required planning period with all the Algebra 1 teachers. Y
  • ELL facilitator and Special Ed planning/conference period aligned with Algebra 1 teacher’s planning period.  Y, but ND
  • Instructional materials and program is codified and documented for all to utilize (sustainable from year to year).
  • District-wide Algebra 1 team gets together quarterly (or more).  Y
  • Pre-assessments and post assessments. Y
  • Co-teaching (both have math expertise): Y
  • Smaller class size (20 or under):  Y, B
  • When the class gets bigger (during the year), we add an adult with math expertise: Y, B
  • Math fellows idea from Denver: Y, ND
  • Spanish speaker in the classroom if necessary:  Y
  • Translation interface with their computers (Snap and Read Universal):   Y.  This should be for all classes
  • Adaptive Software (Cognitive Tutor, ALEKS, Dreambox, Ten Marks, etc.).  Multiple options for each school.: y

Next Steps

  • Set up a meeting between now and April 27?
  • March 29 from 7-11 am, location TBD
  • April 27 from 1:15-3:15 at BHS