The K-5 Chinese Adoption Committee met on March 30, 2016.

Textbooks presented:

Flying with Chinese, Step by Step, My First Chinese, Meizhou Huayu, Huayu, Better Immersion, Mandarin Matrix.

  • Since My First Chinese and Huayu did not meet the criteria of the textbook requirements, these two were eliminated as primary instructional materials.

Textbooks to be considered—Flying with Chinese, Step by Step, Better Immersion, and Mandarin Matrix.

  • Teachers each spent 8 minutes “speed dating” each set of materials. Pros and cons were written down on individual t-charts that were not shared with no conversations about each material yet.
  • After “speed dating” the materials, teachers had a group share-out. Pros and cons of each were listed

Mandarin Matrix

Did not have enough sample to be examined per grade level.

Meizhou Huayu

Pro: Includes some good readings that some teachers already use

Cons: Not thematic based and does not link with current curriculum, traditional.

Flying with Chinese

Pro: Clear print, lots of colors, lots of culture incorporated, systematic, good stories

Cons: Not sure how many lessons there are, too much English, no grammar points, stories may not connected to the students’ lives, not thematic, not similar to book formats that students may encounter, not sure if it has e-books.

Step by Step (supplemental)

Pros: Connected to math, social studies, great reading resource, cute pictures, complete stories with clear titles, connected to specific content areas in the classroom

Cons: Not sure if it has workbooks, not a complete system, only has three levels, the first two levels are too easy, cannot demonstrate students’ comprehension skills

Better Immersion

Pro: very structured and systematic, might be suitable for a new program (feeling secured), topics are in-depth with opportunities to expand the topics, multiple ways to support teachers, connected to U.S. based materials

Cons: Boring, may require additional support, not sure what cons are since have not used, language may not be difficult enough, short articles without much pictures, too difficult for beginners and might scare students

Outcome at the end of the meeting:

Teachers voted to pilot Flying with Chinese and Better Immersion. All teachers will be piloting the materials with a couple lessons per textbook. When we come back, teachers will share their pilot experience and we will all vote for a textbook. If both are not suitable, we will continue the search into next year.