Congratulations to two of Odle’s rocketry teams that will be heading to Washington D.C. to compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) National Finals in May.  Nearly 4,000 students, in grades 7-12, compete nationally in TARC.  The top 100 teams are invited to D.C. for the national launch competition.  Top placing teams in D.C. will split more than $100,000 in cash and scholarships and the overall winning team will travel to the United Kingdom to compete in the International Rocketry Challenge in July.

To qualify for the national event, each team was tasked to design, build, test, revise and fly a rocket carrying two raw eggs to an altitude of 850 feet and return them to the ground with the eggs uncracked within 44-46 seconds.  Rocket teams participated in a qualification flight, during which their rocket was observed and scored by a member of the National Association of Rocketry.  The scores from the flights were compiled by the Aerospace Industries Association.  From these scores, the top 100 teams were selected.

Odle’s two qualifying TARC teams are:

Space Potatoes: Karl Deerkop, Stephanie Han, Mikaela Ikeda, Larry Jing and Srivatshan Sakthinarayanan

Space Carrots: John Lee, Abigail Li, Axel Li, Laurent Man, Eric Xu, Max Wu, Eva Zhou

Odle’s Space Beets team is 2nd alternate in the nation.  Team members include: Subham Behera, Justin Chen, Sanjit Dandapanthula, Alexander Hong, Eric Liu, Jonathan Shu and Blaine Stapley

Space Beets’ Dandapanthula said, “My favorite part of competing in TARC is the freedom to make our own decisions, with just a little guidance from the instructors.”

TARC advisor, Brendan Williams is extremely proud of the teams’ accomplishments.  He has enjoyed watching the students problem solve, he said.

“The real rocket never performs exactly as the simulations says it should,” said Williams.  “Students have to start using flight data, observations, science knowledge and a little intuition to figure out what changes are needed to bring the real rocket closer to the goal.”

TARC teams are part of Odle’s rocketry club.  The club has three programs: rocketry 101 is an introduction to sport rocketry, 201 exposes students to the design/simulation software needed to analyze the physics of rocketry and TARC allows students to engage in a design process.

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