We, the Board of Directors of the Bellevue School District, have read the findings report from the WIAA investigation of the Bellevue High School football program and agree that there is evidence of misconduct and insufficient oversight.

To help set clarity for the Superintendent, and the direction and tone that the Board expects the District to take moving forward, the Board directs the superintendent to adhere to the following:

  1. Any coach or assistant coach who is found to have accepted money from a booster club or other organization in violation of board policies shall be ineligible for renewal of contract for a minimum of two years.
  2. All staff and individuals involved in the program should fully cooperate with any remaining aspects of and follow up to this investigation.
  3. When recommending sanctions to KingCo, the District should focus on sanctions against the adults who are most responsible for any violations.

The Board will identify relevant policy changes to help provide greater and more clear direction to the District and those involved in its programs.

For example, the board will update policies to tighten district oversight of its relationship with booster organizations.

Additional work will be done over the coming weeks; this document is not intended to be comprehensive, but to set clear direction so we can move forward productively.

Approved at Board Meeting 5-4-16