Congratulations to International School students who had their science experiments selected for flight as part of the Cubes in Space program!

The program, which is a collaboration between Cubes in Space and NASA’s Langley Research Center and Colorado Space Grant Consortium, is a global competition for students to develop STEM-based experiments for launch into space via a NASA sounding rocket or a high-altitude scientific balloon mission.

As part of the project, students developed and designed an experimental payload to be integrated into a small cube, honing their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity skills.

International teams that were chosen for the space flight were:

  • Chicken Bone Survival, comprised of students Novia Liu, Melia Laird, Zac Reddy, and Holden Shivers.
  • Space Magnets, comprised of students Ruka Kinoshita Alicia Wu, Adrianna Sam, and Hannah Kim.

International teams that were chosen for the high-altitude balloon mission were:

  • Grass in Space, comprised of students Alli Follett, Nishita Kholsa, Lilly Kihanya, and Nitya Lagadapati
  • Battery Power by Max Richardson

The experiments will be launched via sounding rocket in June 2016 from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on the eastern shore of Virginia or by high-altitude scientific balloon in August 2016 from NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico.

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