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The K-5 Chinese Adoption Committee met on May 11, 2016. Download the PowerPoint Presentation

Question by Member

How do the purpose and goals align with the Guiding Principal of Dual Language?

The purpose and goals of the committee are drafted with standards, assessment, and best practice in mind and guided by the Guiding Principal of DL. Please see excerpt from Guiding Principal of Dual Language and committee’s goals and purpose from ppt:

Chinese Dual Language Excerpt

Timeline Update

Due to the unexpected change on the original timeline, the committee feels that more time is needed to pilot and examine the materials. The committee will continue into the 2017-18 school year with the goal of purchasing and adopting a set of materials by the end of the first semester. We would like the 4th and 5th grade teacher to join us.

Proposed Timeline

  • End of September—bring in more materials
  • October to November—pilot month and meeting to decide
  • November—Monica will present to the IM Committee and the Board on the proposed material