The fifth meeting of the High School Algebra 1 Adoption Committee took place on June 7, 2016. Download the meeting PowerPoint


Consensus for Establishing the Decision-Making Process

  • Thumbs Up: I think it’s a good decision and will advocate for it.
  • Thumbs Sideways: I am comfortable with the proposal but might want to discuss some minor issues.
  • Thumbs Down: I still need to discuss certain issues and suggest changes that should be made.


The proposal is that we use Dreambox, ALEKS and Cognitive tutor by purchasing enough licenses for every student. There will be a possibility to purchase Manga High later in the year. The caveat is that an implementation plan needs to be carefully planned so that licenses are not wasted.

School Vote
BHS up
BP up
IHS up
NHS up
SHS up
ELL up

Pilot Materials

Which materials should be piloted?

School Agile Mind Cognitive Tutor MVP CME
BHS up Up Sideways Down
BP up Sideways Up Down
IHS up Sideways Sideways Down
NHS up Sideways Sideways Down
SHS up Sideways Up Down
ELL up Up Sideways Down
SPED up up sideways Down

Decision: Pilot Agile Mind, Cognitive Tutor, and MVP

Next Steps

  • Get quotes from Dreambox and Cognitive Tutor and Snap and Read
  • Find out if there is the ability to re-assign licenses
  • Figure out how to best implement so licenses are not wasted
  • Plan for training on implementation of these software products
  • Figure out if Algebra 1 team wants to meet in the summer (possibly August 24th, August 26th,
  • Plan calendar
  • Plan for regular meetings next year