Attendees: Amy Lenox, Carolyn Stanley, Chandana Surlu, Connie Peterson, Dana Tavener, Debbie Romero, Fred Wiesinger, Jeff Lowell, Jeffrey Blunden, Kerri Patterson, Lisa Shank, Marie Telecky, Michelle Ball, Molly Schladetzky

Whole Group Work

The goal of the committee was clarified, which is to provide specific recommendations to the BSD Policy Review Committee regarding the district’s current Donations Policy. These recommendations will specify what our committee would like to see added, removed, or modified within the Donations Policy. Our recommendations will give the BSD Policy Review Committee guidance. Keep in mind, a Procedure is administrative in nature and is written using guidelines from the Policy. It is the Policy the BSD Policy Review Committee is asking us to look at. With our recommendations, they will update the Policy. Once written, the Policy will go to the Board for approval. Once approved, they will update the Procedure. Procedures do not need Board approval.

Today we will look at what we’ve worked on to date. At the end of this month, Jeff would like to put together an initial proposal (i.e. draft) to present to the BSD Policy Review Committee at their next meeting on 2/3/2017. This will give the BSD Policy Review Committee the opportunity to review our recommendations and give us feedback before we submit our final draft of recommendations. An opportunity was given for committee members to ask questions for clarity on the committee’s goal and timeline.

A lengthy discussion was held by all members, reviewing each of the five sub groups’ progress from last meeting. Sub-groups gave informal progress statements and time was given for all members to ask additional questions and/or offer additional suggestions to each subgroups’ area of focus for recommendations. In addition, the subject of pending House bills for participation, the federal laws and impact for both homeless and military students were brought up, along with where students get help when they don’t qualify for services (e.g. free and reduced lunch or other government programs, how counselors or family connections play into athletics and activities, etc.)

The meeting was concluded with expectations for the next meeting where the goal is to have an initial run through of what we believe the BSD Policy Review Committee will need to address in the new Donations Policy in each of these five areas. Jeff will go through the current Donations Procedure and make notes as to what areas need to be revised based on our discussion. Sub-groups are asked to go back through their area of focus and forward any follow-up questions to Jeff or Michelle, so Jeff can add that to the notes he will prepare to guide the next meeting’s discussion. By the end of the next meeting, the goal is to have a decent draft to present to the BSD Policy Review Committee. Sub-groups are welcome to get together outside of this meeting.

Sub Groups

  1. BSD Policy Review and Comparison with other districts with specific focus topics
    Members: Lisa Shank, Molly Schladetzky (Betsy Johnson, Ellen Epstein, Jess Garcia)
  1. Do we have a problem from whom donations are received?
    Members: Chandana Surlu, Debbie Romaro (Chris Sampson)
  1. Does language specific to consistent training have a place in procedure?
    Members: Dana Tavener (Jerry Hartmann, Michelle Deerkop)
  1. Where does auditing fit into donations?
    Members: Amy Lenox, Connie Peterson, Fred Wiesinger, Jeffrey Blunden, Kerri Patterson
  1. Gifts and Donations to Benefit Students Individually
    Members: Carolyn Stanley, Marie Telecky

Next Meeting

Wednesday, January 25, 2:30-4:30pm ESC-West 1A

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.