International School Field

The installation of new turf fields at Lake Hills, Medina, Phantom Lake and Somerset has taken longer than expected.  We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding throughout this project.

We had originally planned to do this work last summer.  Unfortunately, due to a backlog in the permitting process we did not receive the necessary permits until early September.  After conversations with the contractor and building principals, we decided to begin construction on the fields optimistically expecting a normal fall season and anticipating completion by November.  Part of the rationale for trying to move forward was to maintain the schedule of installing four fields per year and not delaying the other elementary schools for another year.

Unfortunately, in October we received nearly 12 inches of rain – more than double the normal rainfall for October. While December and January had less than normal rainfall, the temperatures were colder than normal.  In February and March, the wet winter continued with 22 days and 25 days of rain respectively and again almost double the normal precipitation.

Currently, we are at the point where we need two to three days with no rain to allow the ground to dry so we can accurately level the field.  Having the flattest surface possible allows for ideal playing conditions.  After the field has been leveled we anticipate that it will take approximately two to three weeks to complete the project, as further steps are not weather dependent.

Our Facilities Department and the contractors are working together to explore contingency plans to get the fields as level as possible while ensuring completion in time for spring activities, should the weather not improve.

The fields that are scheduled to be replaced over the summer will not be impacted by the current delays.  These include: Bennett Elementary, Newport Heights Elementary and Woodridge Elementary.  These fields are already in the permitting process with the city and will remain on schedule.

For more information, contact the Facilities Department at (425) 456-4500.