Bellevue School District policies and procedures governing outside learning credits (2410P and 2410P Exhibit A) have been revised.  The revised procedure takes effect on January 30 for any Outside Learning credits. Students in the Class of 2018 are exempt from the revised policy and will continue to follow the directions on the previous procedure.


In some cases, students may be granted credit for learning experiences completed outside the district, provided the learning experiences meet the criteria outlined within the District procedures, which includes meeting Common Core State Standards and demonstrating alignment with District curriculum. District approval for credit (not necessarily a grade) must be obtained prior to enrollment and/or participation in the outside learning experience in order to be eligible for consideration for high school credit on the Bellevue School District transcript. Students must submit the required form and a proposal detailing the outside learning experience. These forms are available in the counseling center. In order to receive credit for any approved outside learning experience, students must continue to be fully scheduled in a Bellevue School District high school, taking the maximum credits offered during the regular school day. Students may not drop a course and/or shorten their schedule in order to have a learning experience outside the regular program.


The primary change to the procedure is the limitation of the number of Outside Learning courses students may put on a Bellevue School District Transcript for grade improvement. Students will now be able to submit 1 credit (2 semesters) per school year with a total of 2 credits (4 semesters) during their high school years for grade improvement. There is no limit to courses for credit recovery (grade and credit) or for original credit (credit, no grade) that students can add to their BSD transcript. All Outside Learning Courses must have prior approval before starting or completing the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace a B grade with outside learning?
No – students need a 2.0 GPA to graduate, so only grades C or lower can be replaced with the change documented on the Bellevue School District transcript. However, you can take a course elsewhere and send that transcript as a separate document in your college applications.

Does this apply to BSD summer school?  Is there a limit to how many summer school classes I can take?
No, this procedure does not apply to BSD summer school courses.  There is a limit of two semester classes each student can take in BSD summer school.

Can I still retake a class in BSD summer school to improve my B grade?
Yes, this is allowable because the class is offered by Bellevue School District.

What if I already took 2 credits (prior to 1/30/2018) and I get a D next semester?  Can I still improve that grade?
Yes – the clock starts at the beginning of second semester (1/30/2018) of the 2017-2018 school year.

After I retake 2 credits, can I still retake additional courses and get credit but not a grade?  (example:  I got a “D” in math and want to replace the “D” with a “credit”)
No.  However, you can send your new transcript from the institution where you retook the math course to the colleges to which you are applying.

Is there a limit to replacing the number of F grades?
No – you can always earn credit and grade through credit recovery.

Is there a limit to the number of classes I can take for math acceleration?
Bellevue School District believes in authentic acceleration.  This means that as long as the course is within the proper course sequence and the course is completed prior to enrolling in the new course and with an accredited, credit granting institution, this is allowable.  Please note it is important to seek prior approval per Board Procedure 2410 and that any courses taken through outside learning for original credit will be documented as credit only/no grade on the Bellevue School District transcript.

Who is responsible for keeping track of the 4 semesters allowed for grade improvement?
Students are responsible for submitting only a total of 4 semester grades for grade improvement.  Students can submit a maximum of 2 semester courses per school year for grade improvement.  BSD will run annual reports to ensure compliance.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can put on my transcript for credit only (no grade)?
No – there is no limit.  Remember that students must be fully enrolled in BSD classes in order to get the Outside Learning request approved.

Where can I get the Outside Learning request form?
Forms are available in the counseling centers in all secondary schools.  The form is also published in the Policy and Procedure section of the BSD web site:  Outside Learning Form 2410 Exhibit A

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