Each year, we review the school start times at our elementary and middle schools to ensure that we are providing a safe and comfortable transportation experience for our students, while also being responsible stewards of district resources.

We strive to only make changes in situations that would improve services for our students, and therefore, typically only change opening times for schools moving to or from temporary locations.

With that in mind, we are announcing four different starting times for the 2018-19 school year. Three of these changes are for schools that are moving to a temporary location or returning to a new building at their permanent location. The remaining start time is for the new Wilburton elementary school.

School 2018-19 Start Time 2018-19 Dismissal Time 2018-19 Wednesday Dismissal Time
Clyde Hill 9:05am 3:35pm 1:15pm
Highland 8:45am 3:30pm 2:20pm
Tillicum 7:45am 2:30pm 1:20pm
Wilburton 8:00am 2:30pm 12:10pm

All other schools will have the same start and dismissal times they had during the 2017-18 school year.