Congratulations to the BSD students who are advancing to the International Future Problem Solving (FPS) competition June 6-10 in La Crosse, Wis.

To qualify students devised solutions for problems related to Cloud Computing at the state FPS competition April 11-13 in Stanwood, Wash. First place individuals, top two places in junior teams and top three places in intermediate, and senior divisions were invited to participate in the International FPS competition.

Individual Awards

Junior (Grades 4-6) Global Individual Problem Solving
1st Place: Prisha Hemani, Odle Middle School
2nd Place: Sidhya Ganesh, Odle Middle School
3rd Place: Rohak Jain, Odle Middle School

Intermediate (Grades 7-9) Global Individual Problem Solving
1st Place: Neil Chowdhury, Odle Middle School
2nd Place: Emily Feng, Interlake High School

Senior (Grades 10-12) Global Individual Problem Solving
1st Place: Eshika Saxena, Interlake High School
2nd Place: Ronit Jain, Interlake High School
3rd Place: Aditya Kannan, Interlake High School

Junior Scenario Performance
1st Place: Sidhya Ganesh, Odle Middle School
2nd Place: Airah Virani, Odle Middle School

Intermediate Scenario Performance
1st Place: Joy An, Odle Middle School
2nd Place: Anshita Saini, Interlake High School
3rd Place: Robert Burris, Odle Middle School

Senior Scenario Performance
1st Place: Samantha Na, Interlake High School

Junior Scenario Writing
1st Place: Aditi Agarwal, Odle Middle School
2nd Place:  Prisha Hemani, Odle Middle School
3rd Place: Taj Khandekar, Odle Middle School

Intermediate Scenario Writing
1st Place:  Emily Feng, Interlake High School
2nd Place: Neil Chowdhury, Odle Middle School
3rd Place: Joy An, Odle Middle School

Senior Scenario Writing
1st Place:  Caleb Lee, Interlake High School
2nd Place: Rachel Chen, Interlake High School
3rd Place: Tanvi Telukunta, Interlake High School

Team Awards

Junior Global Team Problem Solving
2nd Place: Lucas Tang, Nishka Kacheria, Raina Wu, and William Feng, Odle Middle School
3rd Place: Cindy Liu, Maraella Khoo, and Rodrigo Panigassi, Odle Middle School

Intermediate Global Team Problem Solving
3rd Place: Anne Gvozdjak, Jessica Na, Vasu Shandar, and Anshita Saini, Interlake High School

Senior Global Team Problem Solving
1st Place: Aaron Wu, Abhinav Bandari, Ben Krautwald, and Derek Zhang, Interlake High School
2nd Place: Isha Sangani, Simon Wu, and Ton Bodin – Newport High School & Interlake High School, along with one student from Lakeside

Community Problem Solving
1st Place: Evelyn Chen, Archika Dogra, and Maya Srikanth, Newport and Interlake High School

Coach of the Year
Debby Benzinger, Odle Middle School

The FPS program stimulates critical and creative thinking skills, encourages students to develop a vision for the future, and prepares them for leadership roles. Learn more at

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