Congratulations to the high school DECA programs for their success at the State Career Development Conference on March 2. Several students will travel to the International DECA Career Development competition April 21-24 in Atlanta, GA.

Bellevue High School

DECA Instructor:  Tammi Riggers

  • Gavin Dury, Restaurant and Food Service Management
  • Brooke Chang, Food Marketing

Interlake High School

DECA Instructors: Lasinnda Mathewson and Aric Weiker

  • Alyssa Ong, Travel and Tourism
  • Aramya Trivedi, Financial Services
  • Arushi Aggarwal, Financial Services
  • Ashley Shaw, Entrepreneurship
  • Aum Upadhyay, Business Finance
  • Elinor Doran, Sports and Entertainment
  • Eric Liu, Business Law and Ethics
  • Eshika Saxena, Hotel and Lodging Management
  • Gantcho Dimitrov, Financial Services
  • George Lan, Principles of Finance
  • Jason Yang, Business Law and Ethics
  • Kaho Otake, Hospitality Services
  • Katherine Holo, Marketing Management
  • Kavya Srikanth, Accounting Applications
  • Kyeong Eun Cho, Hospitality Services
  • Liv Coron, Hospitality Services
  • Manoj Simha, Travel and Tourism
  • Michael Shoyhin, Retail Merchandising
  • Nathan Ballinger, Financial Services
  • Olivia Sun, Marketing Management
  • Rahul Chaliparambil, Travel and Tourism
  • Rikita Bansal, Sports and Entertainment
  • Rikita Roy Choudhury, Marketing Communications
  • Shivansh Padhi, Financial Services
  • Sowmya Magham, Hospitality Services
  • Valerie Tse, Travel and Tourism
  • Vivek Dutta, Quick Serve Restaurant
  • Zong Zhang, Financial Services

Sammamish High School

DECA Instructor: Jeff Bright

  • Lily Kim, Business Finance
  • Emerson Jones, Professional Selling

Newport High School

DECA Instructors: Jerry Borth and Brett Munsell

  • Krystal Graylin,  Advertising Campaign
  • Sarah Quinn,  Advertising Campaign
  • Mahika Rao, Principles of Finance
  • Rosie Huang, PR Project
  • Sachi Madan, PR Project
  • Andrea Ha, Start-up Business Plan
  • Neil Kagalwala, International Business Plan
  • Kyle Tsang, International Business Plan
  • Evelyn Chen, Professional Selling
  • Thomas Kristen, Business Services Marketing
  • Sey Ivashkin, Franchise Business Plan
  • Emily Kinsley, Travel & Tourism Team Role Play
  • Megan Luu, Advertising Campaign
  • Jai Singh, Entrepreneurship Role Play
  • Gabriel Koh, Restaurant & Food Service
  • William Zhou, Stock Market Game
  • Shifa Somji, Business Growth Place
  • Elizabeth Wu, Fashion Merchandising Promo Plan
  • Lulu Tang, Fashion  Merchandising Promo Plan
  • Celina Romero, Travel & Tourism Team Role Play
  • Tory Wiley, Travel & Tourism Team Role Play
The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.