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Somerset Elementary Principal Judy Bowlby, Assistant Principal Helen Yung, and Instructional Technology Curriculum Leader Tiffany Poppe presented a school review outlining the School Improvement Plan, a progress update, lessons learned, strategies for success, challenges and needs, as well as next steps. The review included a Somerset three-year school improvement plan.

Executive Director of Schools Patty Siegwarth and Athletics & Activities Director Jeff Lowell presented an update on high school late start implementation. A work team is currently assessing challenges encountered with the 8:30 a.m. high school start time implementation in 2016. Key concerns include the impact on tutorials, traffic and transportation, and early release for athletics and activities. The board stressed that the purpose of the change in start time was to start school at a time that students were more alert and not necessarily to allow for more time to sleep. The work team is conducting surveys, focus groups, and studies to assess the impact and effectiveness of the late start times in April and May 2018.

Deputy Superintendent of Finance & Operations Melissa deVita presented Resolution No. 18-06 to the board. The resolution awards the bond sale bid for new money bonds to JPMorgan Securities LLC. On April 17, 2018 the district accepted bids for $89,820,000 Unlimited Tax General Obligation Bonds. There were eight bids received with the winning bid submitted by JP Morgan Securities LLC, offering a True Interest Cost of 3.107 percent. The board expressed its commitment to being responsible with collecting and managing taxpayer funds and its appreciation to the community for its support. The board approved the resolution. Learn more…

Executive Director of Schools and HIB Compliance Officer Patty Siegwarth provided a written summary report from the community cafés on Safe Students, Safe Schools.

Board member Christine Chew presented revisions to board policies and procedures for review. The board discussed Policy 1210: Annual Organizational Meeting; Policy 1220: Board Officers and Duties of Board Members; Policy and Procedure 1221: Designation of Board Member as Liaison to Another Organization; and Policy and Procedure 1240: Committees. The board approved the appointment of a temporary governance and oversight policy committee to address these changes and to bring them to the board for approval.

The Bellevue School District acknowledges that we learn, work, live and gather on the Indigenous Land of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Duwamish and Snoqualmie Tribes. We thank these caretakers of this land, who have lived and continue to live here, since time immemorial.