Thank you to those who participated in the recent community engagement to seek perspectives related to racial equity. Over 500 participants attended, and we were encouraged to see so many people authentically sharing their unique viewpoints on this complex issue. Notes from each of the five meetings, as well as overarching themes from these meetings, are posted on the Bellevue School District website.

We are committed to continue supporting the District as it works to meet the needs and growth potential for each and every student. We recognize that there are systemic, societal, and other inequities within our school district. We commit to identifying and rectifying our policies and procedures that contribute to these inequities.

There is more learning to do together, both in the community and from us as policy makers, about racial equity and how it intersects with our school environments and our work with students. As a result, we will not pursue a racial equity policy this school year. We will continue our existing and ongoing work to understand and promote racial equity. Public notice will be given before a draft policy is discussed at a board meeting and there will be time for public input before the final policy is discussed and voted on.

To move forward, a temporary board committee on racial equity was created at the April 17th board meeting with Director Carolyn Watson and Director Christine Chew as co-chairs. Work will be done through this sub-committee to:

  • Identify and define inequities in the District,
  • Determine how the Board can participate in addressing those inequities,
  • And develop a plan to re-engage with the community.

Once again, we value our community engagement and seek multiple perspectives to serve each and every student in our district with the mission to provide all students with an exemplary college preparatory education so they can succeed in college, career, and life.

Board Directors:
My-Linh Thai
Christine Chew
Erica Melief
Sima Sarrafan
Carolyn Watson