Earlier this week, the Athletics and Activities Department announced that the Bellevue School District is moving to a new on-line registration platform for all after-school or extracurricular activities. The on-line platform is called FinalForms. Information was sent to families of high school students and to high school and middle school staff. As we work to fully implement the new platform, we wanted to provide additional information for parents/guardians, students, and staff.

Why is it necessary to change platforms?

After school programs continue to grow in number and complexity and students across the district continue to benefit from opportunities to attend optional/overnight field trips during each school year.

Each of these programs (athletic, club or field trip) requires paperwork; registration, permission slips, clearance documents, and more. After a long search for a platform that will streamline these registrations, the Athletics and Activities Department decided to transition to FinalForms. The integrated platform is a system in which you will never need to enter the same information twice. Once information is in the system, it is attached to any athletic, club, activity, or field trip in which a student participates. With this new platform, rather than complete new forms each year for each program, you will need to sign your forms once per year, or when you make an update.

We expect to rollout the full use of the FinalForms platform in phases:

Phase 1 – Winter Athletics Registration: This effort is currently underway with a focus on registration for Winter Sports athletes at the high school level. Other high school athletes may register at this time as well, but please remember that any high school spring sport athlete has until late February to register.

Phase 2 – Clubs and Activities:  High school extracurricular activities advisors will begin use of FinalForms in early November. Also, in early November, we will begin the process of middle school implementation for clubs, activities and athletic programming.

Phase 3 – Field Trip Student Forms: Beginning in November, the Athletics and Activities Department will work with sponsors of optional/overnight field trips to use the platform to collect all paperwork required from students and parents through FinalForms.

Is the email from FinalForms safe?

The email message is safe. Parents of high school students and high school and middle school staff should have received an account confirmation email from FinalForms. The top of the message looked like this:

Final forms message

Please follow the link to ensure student registration is complete by following these steps:

  1. Click the link in the email and follow the steps to login and access your student(s).
  2. Follow the prompts to confirm your account, access your students and sign your forms. You will be able to enter multiple students in one session.
  3. Click on the Parent Playbook (attached) for additional guidance.

Please note that when registering for high school athletic programs, you may receive a message about expired sports physicals or ImPACT concussion testing until the system has been fully updated. If your student is due to submit an updated sports physical, please complete the student medical information and print the “PPE pre-populated medical form from FinalForms to take to the doctor’s office. If your student has a valid physical on file (valid for two years), please disregard the notice and allow a few weeks for that information to be updated in FinalForms.

Is the information I submit to FinalForms safe?

Yes, FinalForms and the district worked together to ensure that private student information is secure and always managed properly.  A signed data privacy agreement is in place and FinalForms personnel will continue to work closely with the district’s Technology Department to safeguard all data.

Thank you for your assistance in streamlining processes, boosting compliance, and increasing the safety of students.

If you have further questions, please email the Athletics and Activities Department at lowellj@bsd405.org and we will work to provide answers as soon as possible.