Dear Bellevue School District Community:

Last month, the Bellevue School District Board of Education approved the District’s five-year Strategic Plan. This plan represents the voices of thousands of stakeholders and their hopes and dreams for Bellevue’s more than 20,000 students.

At its heart, our Strategic Plan—made up of our District’s vision, mission, values, and priorities—is about ensuring that our students are affirmed for who they are, inspired by their experiences, and have access to the individualized supports and services that will allow them to thrive. The Strategic Plan affirms our commitment to providing a positive and supportive learning environment that meets the needs of each and every student, every day to ensure success for all.

As we listened to our community and began to set our priorities, it was clear that Bellevue students and schools are already well on their way to reaching their full potential. Step into a classroom in any of our 29 schools and you are bound to see something exceptional—an experience that affirms and builds pride and inspires students to reach their goals. While our bright spots are many, we also recognize and embrace opportunities to better serve each and every student. Not every Bellevue student is thriving, and that’s simply not acceptable. We know that next-level success is possible.

What is the next level for Bellevue? It starts with a shared purpose around our work, which is essentially the role of our Strategic Plan. The plan brings cohesion to the efforts of the Bellevue School Board of Directors, Bellevue educators and staff, and our larger community. It aligns and guides us toward our goal of meeting the needs of every student academically, socially, and emotionally.

Throughout the remainder of the school year, we will continue to introduce you to the Strategic Plan. We will share information, including an annual plan with the specific implementation and outcome targets needed to reach our goals. However, what we are most looking forward to is capturing and sharing the stories of our Strategic Plan in action throughout our District—students being affirmed for who they are, inspired by what they are learning, and thriving in and beyond our schools.

Below are our District’s vision, mission, values, and priorities:

Vision: To affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world

Mission: The mission of the Bellevue School District is to serve each and every student academically, socially, and emotionally through a rigorous and relevant education that is innovative and individualized. As a learning community that values one another’s humanity, we provide courageous support for an equitable and exceptional education for all students.

Values: Service, Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Respect, and Collaboration

Priorities: High-Quality Instruction, Student Well-Being, Exceptional Staff, Family & Community, Culture & Climate, and Organizational Alignment

We look forward to working with you to affirm and inspire each and every Bellevue student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world.

In partnership,

Dr. Ivan Duran

Message for Families: Spanish (PDF) / Traditional Chinese (PDF) / Simplified Chinese (PDF)