To help families transition to their next step in the 2019-20 school year, every neighborhood school offers a parent information session for incoming kindergartners, sixth graders and ninth graders. Some high schools have information sessions for all grades. Additionally, each choice school hosts an information night for families who may be interested in applying.

Don’t know your school? Visit our Find Your School page to see which school you are assigned.

Kindergarten Information Sessions

These events are designed for families starting kindergarten next school year.

Ardmore Important: The Ardmore kindergarten information night has been moved to Mar. 7.March, 7, 20196:00 pm
BennettMarch 7, 20196:30 pm
Cherry CrestJan. 16, 20196:30 pm
Clyde Hill (held at Chinook Middle School)Feb. 26, 20196:00 pm
EastgateFeb. 28, 20196:00 pm
Enatai Important: The Enatai kindergarten information night has been canceled. It will be rescheduled after the mid-winter break.TBATBA
Jing MeiJan. 10, 20199:30 am
Jing MeiJan. 11, 20195:30 pm
Lake HillsJan. 23, 20196:00 pm
MedinaFeb. 26, 20196:00 pm
Newport HeightsFeb. 26, 20196:00 pm
Phantom LakeMar. 14, 20196:00 pm
Puesta del SolJan. 17, 20196:00 pm
Sherwood ForestJan. 22, 20195:00 pm
SomersetJan. 29, 20196:00 pm
SpiritridgeFeb. 28, 20196:30 pm
StevensonJan. 17, 20195:00 pm
WilburtonMarch 14, 20196:30 pm
WoodridgeFeb. 28, 20196:45 pm

Sixth Grade Information Sessions

These events are designed for families starting sixth grade next school year.

Big Picture (Grades 6-12)Jan. 9, 20196:30pm
Big Picture (Grades 6-12)Jan. 17, 20196:30pm
Big Picture (Grades 6-12)Jan. 23, 20196:30pm
ChinookJan. 16, 20196:30 pm
Highland (at Ringdall)Dec. 12, 20186:00 pm

This information night is by invitation and is for those families who were selected in the lottery plus the first 30 families on the waitlist.

Mar. 5, 20197:00 pm
OdleFeb. 7, 20196:00 pm
TillicumJan. 10, 20196:30 pm
TyeeJan. 24, 20196:30 pm

High School Information Sessions

These events are designed for families starting high school next school year.

BellevueFeb. 27, 20195:30 pm
Big Picture (Grades 9-12 Only)Jan. 15, 20196:30pm
InterlakeDec. 18, 20186:00pm
Newport (Grades 10-12 Only)March 4, 20196:30 pm
Newport (Grade 9 Only)March. 6, 20196:30 pm
SammamishDec. 19, 20186:30pm