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Dear Bellevue School District Community,

In Bellevue School District (BSD), we put a significant focus on how people work together and build relationships to ensure our students thrive. The culture and climate of a school or department often boils down to a feeling. Students are excited to come to school in the morning and their confidence grows throughout the year. Parents and community members feel welcomed when they walk into a BSD building. Staff members feel valued, fulfilled and motivated to continue learning and growing as part of the BSD community.

In BSD, culture is carefully and intentionally created, and we are working to ensure that it reflects our six shared values: service, integrity, compassion, excellence, respect and collaboration. As we ask ourselves what success would look like in every classroom, in every school, every day for students, staff, families and community members, culture and climate are key. Here are a few examples of the ways in which culture and climate are prioritized in BSD.

High fives at Lake Hills. ClapOut celebration events at Lake Hills Elementary School are designed to recognize, appreciate and cheer on students for their hard work and accomplishments. The feeling students get marching down a hallway filled with classmates, families and teachers giving them high fives will stick with them long after they have left Lake Hills.

The value of solving real-life problems. Tyee Middle School teacher James Burke inspires his students by connecting with local businesses to identify engineering projects that resemble real-life problems companies face. Mr. Burke’s program was recently selected as this year’s recipient of the Washington Industrial Technology Education Association Program of the Year award. Mr. Burke shares a strong sense of purpose with his students in utilizing meaningful and relevant activities that provide access to opportunities that will support students’ current and future success.

Student identity on display. Six BSD students are featured in Bellevue Art Museum’s “20 Under 20” 2019 exhibit. This year, the annual exhibition highlights teens’ understanding of themselves through the theme of identity. Two Newport High School students are featured. Julia Park’s artwork titled “Insecure” and Isha Sangani’s piece titled “Carry These Gifts” reflect the talents of these young artists and the inspiration that comes from affirming their own identity and heritage.

Sports and clubs engage students, promote teamwork, and foster community spirit. BSD offers multiple opportunities through our Athletic and Activities Department for our high school and middle school students. In athletics students are physically active and learning self-discipline and teamwork skills for life. In activities students are engaged and inspired through building robots and rockets, serving charitable causes, developing business and public speaking skills, and exploring the arts and culture.

These are examples of how what we do, what we say and how we act each day matters. They are important reminders that a great organizational culture and climate is created with every conversation and interaction, and that it takes all of us working together to ensure that the BSD community thrives.

In partnership,

Ivan Duran
Bellevue School District


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