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AtWork! Agency awards Bellevue School District with 2019 Inclusion Champion of the Year

AtWork! has honored Bellevue School District as their 2019 Inclusion Champion of the Year. BSD has partnered with AtWork! for almost a decade to empower people with disabilities to be productive, integrated and contributing members of their communities. By focusing as much on the business’s needs as on the job seeker’s needs, AtWork! can strategize, design and create jobs that are valuable, meaningful and deliver a measurable benefit to everyone involved.

This partnership directly benefits our Transition Program – a community-based program that strives to prepare young adults (18-21) with disabilities, who have not yet graduated from high school, to lead a fulfilling future with positive post-secondary outcomes. The program is based on the individual student’s needs, while taking into account their strengths, preferences and interests.

Jennifer Strehle, the Special Education Program Coordinator for Bellevue School District, explains, “The goal for us is to have students go through the transition program with the help of the AtWork! Agency during their third year and when they’re ready to graduate, have there be kind of this seamless transition into adulthood”. The partnership between AtWork! and Bellevue School District has helped nearly eighty students find employment after they graduate.