Group photo of challenge coin recipients and safety/security team

Sara Lockwood and Doug Faulkner are the Safety Team Leads at Eastgate Elementary School. Along with their Principal, May Pelto, and their Assistant Principal, Mary Colòn, they were awarded the Sheepdog Challenge Coin Award from the Bellevue School District Safety & Security Department.

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, Eastgate facilitated three, all-staff safety trainings, which included active threat, reunification and first aid. They were monumental for organizing their emergency storage room and advancing their monthly drills while getting their other staff members fully engaged in their emergency role positions.

Sara and Doug are both graduates of the Safety and Security Department’s Safety Academy class, and have attended all Safety Team Roundtables; quarterly safety meetings with representatives from every school, led by the Safety and Security Department. Thank you Sara and Doug, as well as May and Mary for your dedication to safety!

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people shaking hands
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