March 20 and June 22 will be the make-up school days for the snow closures of January 13 and 14.

Why wasn’t the January 27 make-up day used?

January 27 was approved as a snow make-up day if closure happened before January 10.

How were these days chosen?

The adopted 2019-2020 school calendar has four days built in for use as make-up days. March 20 and June 22 are the first two available make-up days.

The snow closures have impacted my student’s learning.

Schools will be adjusting the schedules for first semester finals to ensure students have enough time to prepare despite the school closures. Finals will take place between January 28 and January 30, extending the first semester. The second semester will now begin January 31. Principals will communicate detailed plans for their individual schools.

The grading deadline has been moved to February 6.