As we welcome back our youngest learners and educators to in-person learning, we want to recognize the efforts of our staff who have been continuing their in-person efforts since we closed our buildings last March. Thank you for paving the way and making it possible for our students and staff to safely return to the buildings!


Custodial staff have been doing extensive cleaning throughout the summer and will continue to go above and beyond when students return. In between AM and PM sessions, our custodial staff will go through classrooms and disinfect before the next group of students arrive. 

a photo of Khan, the custodian for Bennett Elementary

Copy Center

Our Copy Center has remained open while our schools and administration buildings have been closed. They’ve continued to print and copy classroom support material that is used to both in-person and in remote learning. During the closure, they took on additional responsibilities such as processing student report cards and supported our mailroom to ensure that schools have what they need to assist student learning. 

a staff member working on a machine in the copy center

Facilities, Grounds and Maintenance

Our Facilities department has not only continued work for Bond-approved construction projects, but they have additionally worked hard to make our schools as safe as possible. They’re in charge of setting up the classrooms and figuring out the best configuration for separating desks in each classroom. Depending on the structure and square footage of the room, they had to use different patterns to ensure desks in all classrooms are six feet apart. Our grounds and maintenance team worked with school administration on the signage to help educate and remind students and educators. They also worked on HVAC systems, filter changes, servicing, testing and ran outside air during the summer for circulation.

signs on doors about Health check and markers on the ground showing where students should stand

Technology Support

Technology support has been providing assistance to staff and students since school buildings closed in March. They have provided assistance in-person and remotely and ran tech centers at multiple schools over the summer and in the fall. Our technology department has provided hotspots for families who needed access to wifi, and have assisted both with device and app support. They helped organize the distribution of laptops and iPads over the summer and will provide in-person support as students are arriving back in their buildings.

Mike Bartz from the technology department poses for a photo
tech support staff distribute laptops at International


Our Transportation department has not only been transporting students who have already begun receiving in-person services, but they also have partnered with our Nutrition Services department to further expand our Meals2Go program! Through this partnership, we’re able to give families the ability to pre-order meals and pick them up at a location in the community closer to them. We would not have been able to reach as many families and extend this program without their support!

transportation department staff providing Meals2Go
transportation department staff providing Meals2Go


Currently, our BOOST program serves 125 students in-person for students who need a place to learn while their parents work. Staff provide essential support to students during the school day, including one-on-one assistance. 

a student in our BOOST program receives support
a student in our BOOST program receives support

Family Connection Centers

Family connection centers (FCC) have been a resource to our community as a whole, even during holiday breaks when other staff were off, these centers remained open. The centers have seen support from our community partners and thanks to their donations we’re able to help families in need! Read more about the outpouring of support to our FCCs.

staff members supporting our Family Connection Centers
staff members supporting our Family Connection Centers

Special Education

Some of our first students to come back to in-person learning were students who qualified for special education services. These educators have paved the way to provide individualized instruction for our students!

A Transition Academy student receives hands-on learning support


Our inner-district warehouse team runs out to all the buildings, relocate furniture,  and helped accept orders this spring and summer when our buildings were closed. They’ve also assisted by pick up food donations for our Family Connection Centers. They have been instrumental in delivering personal protection equipment out to all our schools!

desk configuration for social distancing

These are just a few examples of in-person teams, but we are so grateful for the coaches, administrators, nurses, and school support who have also assisted our students in-person and remotely. Thank you for all that you do to help and support our students in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic!