Students and families have grading options to consider now that the first semester has ended. Students have been in remote learning since the start of the year, and for many this instructional model has impacted their academic achievement. Given the range of circumstances, Bellevue School District is providing students in high school credited courses with the option to convert B, C or D letter grades to a P for Pass for 1st semester. The “P” grade will earn credit, but will not be calculated in the GPA. Students are requested to submit their request by Monday, February 8.

Teachers have until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 5 to finalize and formally post grades. Shortly after those grades have been posted, students will receive email communication on Friday with for submitting their requested changes.

Secondary teachers are encouraged to extend as much flexibility as possible for students to improve their grades. For example, accepting work late if possible, providing re-takes of assessments, and rescheduling exams for next week.

Each student’s circumstance and goals are unique, so you will individually need to make the change(s) for your desired results. Students are requested to submit their request by Monday, February 8. Those students meeting that deadline will have their report cards and transcripts updated immediately. This is especially important for students applying for college, internships, or scholarships.

We have provided additional information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.