This week we welcomed back more secondary students to in-person learning! This is the first time many of our students have been in a classroom in over a year. It was wonderful to see our educators, staff and students engaged in teaching and learning at our schools!

a student showing their completed health check to a staff member
students getting their temperature taken
students showing their health check
Superintendent Dr. Ivan Duran with BHS assistant principals
a class of students at Big Picture
Big Picture students cleaning sport equipment
students lining up in front of Highland Middle School
Highland Middle School staff members
Highland Middle School staff members
A classroom at SHS
a student in front of Tillicum Middle School
Tillicum Middle School staff
Tillicum Middle School staff
BHS Principal Vic Anderson and Superintendent Dr. Ivan Duran
BHS cheerleaders with pom poms
students lining up and physically distancing in front of school building
a big picture student wearing a mask
Big Picture students playing table tennis
Highland Middle School office staff
Highland Middle School staff
Highland Middle School staff members
Sammamish staff huddle
A sign that says Welcome Back Totems We Missed You
Tillicum Middle School custodial staff
Tillicum students in P.E.
a classroom of students at Tillicum