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District Profile Schools
In the Bellevue School District, there are: 16 Elementary Schools, 5 Middle Schools, 4 High Schools.
The district also offers: 1 Spanish Immersion Elementary School, 1 Mandarin Dual Language Elementary, Choice Middle / High Schools

There are 20,295 students in the Bellevue School District.
42 percent Asian, 33 percent White, 3 percent African-American, 9 percent Multi-Ethnic, 13 percent Hispanic

15 percent English Language Learners9 percent Special Education17 percent Free or Reduced Lunch39 percent Non-English First Language125 Countries of Birth98 Languages
College and Career Readiness, The Bellevue School District Class of 2020 had 1,636 Graduates.
Icon of a student sitting in front of a school desk.
2019 SAT Scores: Bellevue School District students on average scored 660 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EWR) and 680 in Math. Washington State average scores are 480 and 530 respectively. United States average scores are 531 and 528 respectively.
College Credits: 1,030 Bellevue School District students earned 8,006 College Credits.
Advanced Placement (AP): Bellevue School District students took 8,527 AP tests. Bellevue School District students had a 79 percent pass rate. United States students had a 24 percent pass rate.

Fiscal Responsibility
2019/2020 Revenue
2019 through 2020 revenue equaled $364,424,931. 2019/2020 Revenue: 54 percent State, General Purpose, 14 percent Local Taxes, 14 percent State, Special Purpose, 8 percent Local Nontax Support, 7 percent Other, 4 percent Federal, General and Special Purpose.
2019 through 2020 Expenses
2019 through 2020 expenses equaled $373,548,884. 2019 through 2020 expenses:, 66.7 percent Teaching and Student Support, 9.8 percent District Curriculum and Teaching Support, 5.6 percent Building Maintenance and Operations, 4.7 percent Principal and School Office, 4.1 percent School Health and Safety, 3.1 percent Administration, 2.9 percent School Bus and Metro Services, 2.0 percent Nutritious Meals for Students, 1.2 percent Extracurricular Activities & Sports.

State Measures of Student Academic Performance BSD Smarter Balanced Assessment Spring 2019 pass rates exceeded state average.Bellevue School District: English Language Arts 78 percent, Math 72 percent, Science 65 percentWashington State: English Language Arts 60 percent, Math 49 percent, Science 47 percent