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August 2016

August 9 –  BSD releases statement in response to SeaKing decision.

August 5 – Sea-King District 2 Board presented BHS/BSD with their decision.

August 2 – BHS/BSD appeals KingCo Principal Executive Board decision before the SeaKing District 2 Board. (Memo on Investigation Review)

July 2016

July 8 – KingCo Principal Executive Board present BHS/BSD with their decision.

June 2016

June 16 – BHS/BSD presented their appeal to KingCo Principals.

June 13 – KingCo Self Report Committee Chair and KingCo President provided BHS/BSD with copies of the additional reports they requested from the WIAA investigators and stated that their decision was based on WIAA investigators initial and subsequent reports as well as the report presented by BHS/BSD.

June 10 – BHS/BSD notified KingCo Principals of their intent to appeal the KingCo Self Report Committee decision.

June 8 – BHS/BSD sent a letter requesting additional information from KingCo President and hearing panel, noting the deadline for filing an appeal.

June 7 – KingCo hearing panel presented BHS/BSD with their decision.  KingCo President stated that all follow up questions needed to be submitted in writing.

During a regularly schedule school board meeting, the district updated the School Board on the Bellevue High football investigation and announced their intent to appeal the KingCo hearing panel decision.

May 2016

May 23 – The KingCo Self Report Hearing Panel requested that BHS/BSD return for Part 2 of the KingCo hearing on May 23.

KingCo Self Report hearing panel released the BHS/BSD self-report to WIAA and requested that WIAA investigators provide a report responding to the BHS/BSD concluding self-report made on May 23.

May 11 – The KingCo Self Report Hearing Panel requested that BHS/BSD present their self-report on an earlier date than had been agreed upon. Part 1 of the KingCo hearing was held on May 11.

KingCo Self Report hearing panel released the BHS/BSD self-report to WIAA and requested that WIAA investigators provide a report responding to the BHS/BSD partial self-report made on May 11.

April – May 2016

BHS/BSD reviewed the WIAA Report and conducted additional interviews, reviewed district documents and new documentation provided by the Academic Institute and the Bellevue Wolverine Football Club, per the WIAA recommendations.

BHS/BSD identified facts and evidence that confirmed violations of WIAA policy had occurred.  Once the violations were identified, they requested 10 years of past WIAA penalties for all violations.  The past penalties were used to inform BHS/BSD of established precedence and to appropriately align recommended sanctions. BHS/BSD anticipate presenting their self-report to the KingCo hearing panel on May 16.

April 2016

WIAA released the investigators report to BHS/BSD.

March 2016

WIAA investigators presented their report to WIAA.

September 2015 – March 2016

WIAA investigators conducted their investigation.  During this time, the WIAA investigators asked for assistance in setting up interviews. The district contacted families as requested, to encourage them to participate in the investigation.

September 2015

BHS/BSD meet with WIAA to identify and confirm the scope of the investigation.

August 2015

As a result of the allegations presented by the Seattle Times, Bellevue High School and the District (BHS/BSD) determined that they would ask for a WIAA investigation to provide an appropriate forum to address facts.

BHS/BSD requested a WIAA Investigation in person.

May – August 2015

Seattle Times published several articles, reporting on the May self-report and making additional allegation of violations of WIAA policy by the Bellevue High School football program.

May 2015

Bellevue High School self-reported the violations to KingCo and subsequently to SeaKing.  The following sanctions were applied:

  • The Bellevue High School Football program will be on probation for three years.
  • There will be mandatory and ongoing training for all coaches within the football program on relevant board policies and procedures. This will be ongoing training which will begin this spring and continue through the program’s probationary period.
  • Two coaches will serve game suspensions this coming season, as well as being placed on probation.
  • Bellevue High School will lose KingCo revenue shares this year and two additional school years (2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017).
  • All Bellevue High sports are being evaluated to ensure compliance with board policies and WIAA articles. Any additional Bellevue High School programs, found to be running sport specific off-season conditioning will be placed on a one year probation period.

January 2015 – May 2015

Investigation was conducted and the findings were presented to the district.

The district conducted additional interviews, as follow up to the findings presented by the outside investigator. During the district held interviews, it was confirmed that Bellevue High Football program had violated Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) policy.

January 2015

A Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Complaint was brought to the attention of the District Director of Athletics and Activities.  The complaint was filed as a result of a locker room incident between a student athlete and a strength and conditioning coach in December 2014.

An outside investigator was hired by the district to investigate the complaint.