Washington State law requires school age children below 18 years of age to attend school.  When a student has unexcused absences, the school will work with the student and parents/guardians to make sure the student comes to school.

The school may take a variety of actions to improve a student’s attendance:  hold a student and parent/guardian conference, take corrective action, change the student’s schedule, recommend an alternative placement, or initiate other actions as appropriate.

If a student has either seven unexcused absences in any month, or ten unexcused absences during the school year, the school must file a petition with the King County Superior Court regarding the truancies to enforce attendance.  A truancy petition is a request to have the court order the student to attend school.  If the student disobeys a court order to attend school, this could lead to penalties against the student and/or parents.

Each school publishes District attendance policies and procedures.  Parents and students should read and discuss them together.  If you do not understand them, talk to the school’s assistant principal or principal.  We know you want your student to be successful.  Attending school daily is one way to help contribute to that success.

Thank you for reviewing this material and communicating it to your student. We appreciate your involvement in these issues.