Categories and Presenters

Detailed information regarding courses and presenters will be available on the Bellevue Cvent site in late January.  CLICK HERE to go to Cvent.

The Arts

  • Art History-John Gunnin
  • Music Theory -Michael Levi
  • Studio Art (exp)-Jerry Stefl
  • Studio Art (new)-Barbara Sunday



  • English Language (exp)-Bernie Phelan
  • English Language (new)-Larry Scanlon (a) & Valerie Stevenson (b)
  • English Literature (exp)-Bobby Caughey
  • English Literature (new)-Ellen Greenblatt (a) & Sharon Johnston (b)


  • Government Comparative-Karen Waples
  • Government US (exp)-Katie Piper
  • Government US (new)-Suzanne Bailey



  • European History-Christopher Freiler
  • US History (exp)-George Henry
  • US History (new)-Matt Ellington
  • World History (exp)-Deborah Smith-Johnston
    World History (new)-Sharon Cohen


  • Calculus AB (exp)-Howard Alcosser
  • Calculus AB (new)-Eliel Gonzalez
  • Calculus BC -Larry Peterson
  • Statistics (exp)-Josh Tabor
  • Statistics (new)-Daren Starnes


  • Pre-AP® English -Chris Palmer
  • Pre-AP® Math-Victoria Landers
  • Pre-AP® Science-Marian Dewane


  • Biology-Kristi Sutton (a) and May Wuerth (b)
  • Chemistry (exp)-Tom Greenbowe
  • Chemistry (new)-Bill Bond
  • Environmental Science-Nita Ganguly
  • Physics 1-Martin Kirby 
  • Physics 2-Dolores Gende
  • Physics C-Martha Lietz

Social Sciences

  • Economics-Patti Brazill & Nora Seager (macro and micro)
  • Human Geo (exp)-David Palmer 
  • Human Geo (new)-Chris Hall 
  • Psychology-Rob McEntarffer


  • Computer Science A-Richard Kick
  • Computer Science Principles-Andy Kummel

World Languages

  • Chinese Lang & Culture-Lucy Lee
  • French Lang & Culture-Mona Mulhair 
  • Japanese Lang & Culture-Hiroko Kataoka 
  • Spanish Lang & Culture (exp)-Ann Mar
  • Spanish Lang & Culture (new)-Laura Zinke


  • New means new to that subject or have taught that AP® subject two years or less.
  • Experienced means you have taught the AP® class three or more years and have previously attended a new AP® training session.
  • A combined class will have both new and experienced teachers.