December 3, 2018 


Hello Families, 

I hope you had a lovely good family break over the Thanksgiving holiday. We are only three weeks from the winter break and the students are feeling the excitement of the season. I    

Upcoming School Events:  

Events are always posted on the Ardmore PTSA website   

Tuesday, December 4 – 6:00-7:30 Ardmore PTSA Board Meeting 

Wednesday, December 5 – 8:15-9:00 Coffee with the Principal (Stage) 

Wednesday, Dec. 12 – 6:00-8:00 pm – 5th grade Parent Night at Highland Middle School (transportation available leaving from Interlake High School.  Dinner provided from 6:00-6:30) 

Friday, December 7 – 8:15-9:00 Coffee with Principal – Latino Families (Stage) 

Friday, December 14 – PTSA Holiday Bazaar – All are welcome to come and buy holiday items from community vendors who are selling their products at the PTSA Bazaar.  

Monday, December 24 – Friday January 4 – Winter Holiday Break – NO SCHOOL. School begins again January 7. 

School Information 

You can get information at the school website:   

You can call the school at 425-456-4700.  

You can email the Office Manager at  

For school closure information due to weather, call 425-456-4111.  This hotline is updated daily when there is news.  You can also go to the BSD website at for constant updates. 


This week we will practice behavior expectations in a rotation of lessons. This is called a PBIS rodeo. The goal is to revisit and reteach expectations. We continue to work with district supports to implement better practices to teach and help students meet the building behavior expectations.  

We are looking for a volunteer to help us take pictures of students modeling the behaviors so we can make our PBIS posters more inviting and clearer. If you have a good camera and can spare some time during the school day, please let me know.  


We are continuing to focus on the school goal to make Ardmore a Bully Free Zone. Students are using the bully signal and we are offering social skills instruction for students. The number of reports of bullying that are coming to the office have gone down. We are averaging one or two a week. When we get a report, we investigate and set up plans with students and families. These seem to be working with many children. Please continue to encourage your child to report bullying or you can come in and fill out a form in our main office to report it. Reporting bullying is the only way we will know which students we need to provide social skills instruction so please continue to report bullying as it occurs.  



In December our 2nd-5th grade students will take the Achievement Network assessment. This is a standards-based assessment and it will help guide where we need to focus our instruction. On most Wednesday afternoons, once students leave, our teachers meet in teams to learn more about quality instruction. Last Wednesday our teachers set new goals for instruction to include rigorous expectations for annotation (writing notes on text) of complex texts and writing CER paragraphs and essays in response to questions about text. Ask your children about these practices and work out ways you can help your child at home. Teachers are developing assessment rubrics for these practices so you will be able to ask your teacher for the rubric which lays out the expectations for what students should be able to do at their grade level.  


Car Drop Off and Pick Up 

Some people are coming right at the bell of a morning for drop off. Some parents are getting frustrated with other parents because the line is not moving quickly enough for them. However, there is only a few cars at a time, and we need to be patient. It is recommended that parents come no later than a few minutes before 8:00 to make sure students are not tardy. 


Equity and Inclusion Team 

The E&I team will meet again on December 11 at 5:30-7:30. We have 7 parents signed up to help guide our school to be more equitable and successful for all students. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings at any time and give input or ask questions. Please plan to join us at an E&I team meeting. 


Parent Participation on Teams 

You are invited to any and all team meetings that we have in the school. There are two teams that we would really like parent participation on. The Safety Team meets once a month at 2:55-3:55 to make sure we are in compliance with the state and district policies. Parents can really help to make sure our plans include parent voice. The other team is the Attendance Team. We are just starting this team so the meeting time can be flexible. Currently it is set for 9:00 on Monday mornings. 


Safety Drill for December 

In December we will practice the Fire Drill Evacuation. You can find the procedures for the fire evacuation and other drills in the district policy #3432 at emergency drills 


PBIS Eagle Assembly 

We held our monthly Eagle assembly on Friday. We are giving recognition awards to students for academic and behavior success in the classroom and on the playground. Many students won awards and we are super proud of their hard work and achievement.  We have these assemblies every month and all families are welcome to join us. The December assembly will be held at 8:10 on Friday, December 21.