ARDMORE PRINCIPAL NEWS  –  January 14, 2019

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Hello Families,

Happy New Year everyone!  It was so good to see the children back at school this week. I hope you had a lovely break with your family.

Over the next week the children will be engaging in activities in their classrooms related to celebrating Martin Luther King Day which is on January 21 (No School). Talk with your children about this important day of service.

Upcoming School Events: 

Events are also posted on the Ardmore PTSA website

Monday, January 14 – Safety Team Meeting – 2:55-3:55 in Room 110 – Parents are welcome

Tuesday, January 15 – E&I Team Meeting – 5:30-7:30 North Bellevue Community Center – Focus Group

Monday, January 21 – NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Day

Friday, January 25 – PBIS Awards Assembly – 8:10 3-5 and 8:40 K-2 in Café – Parents are welcome

Monday, January 28 – NO SCHOOL

Saturday, February 2 – Bellevue School District Job Fair – attend if interested in working for BSD

Tuesday, February 5 – Attendance Workshop – 8:15-9:15 – Specific families have been invited

Tuesday, February 5 – Ardmore PTSA Board Meeting – 6:00-7:30 in Library

Wednesday, February 6 – 8:15-9:00 Coffee with the Principal (Stage)

School Information

You can get information at the school website:

You can call the school at 425-456-4700.

You can email the Office Manager at

For school closure information due to weather, call 425-456-4111.  This hotline is updated daily when there is news.  You can also go to the BSD website at for constant updates.


On Friday last week, students earned an extra 5 minutes of recess because there were NO Office Behavior Referrals all week. I have never had a school I was in do that!  Go Ardmore!!  We will keep encouraging students to be safe on the playground and to use the strategies they are learning in their social and emotional learning (SEL) block to solve problems and manage themselves.

We have a district behavior specialist working in one of our 5th grade classrooms 3 days a week for the next month. This person is supporting classroom management and individual students to engage in academic work. We really appreciate the support and we are all learning from her.


This past week we had three reports of bullying. When we get a report we do an investigation and determine if it is bullying, discrimination, harassment or if it is an isolated behavior incident. We report the findings to parents and then work out ways to support students. Our counselors, Kayla Chung and Esther Penzar, and our PBIS Facilitator, Kelly Balzer, work on social skills with students so they can manage the situation better and work to prevent incidences. The first step to making Ardmore a Bully Free Zone is for students to use the bully signal. Some students need to build their confidence to assert themselves. Please continue to encourage your child to use the signal and report bullying.


Teachers are working hard to teach standards. Goal setting and self-assessment in literacy will be our main goals in the coming months. This means teachers are telling students what the criteria for success are in advance and students set goals for which criteria they will work on and then assess themselves on how they are going. Our teachers will be doing professional learning so they can use this in their instruction so students are more engaged and independent.

Progress Reports

Written Progress Reports will be sent home to families in the first week of February. You can ask for a meeting with your child’s teacher at any time to talk about their progress in the classroom.


Teachers are currently assessing all students for the district Mid-Year benchmark assessments.

In February the ELPA assessment begins. The ELPA is a state test and it is taken by all students who are receiving English Language Learning support to determine their English proficiency level. A schedule is being developed and we will publish this to parents so you know when your child is being assessed. You can help in two ways: make sure your child is rested and make sure they attend school on the testing days.

Car Drop Off and Pick Up

We have many students who are marked tardy because parents are dropping their children after 8:05. Please make sure you drop your student before 8:00.

Equity and Inclusion Team

The E&I team will meet on Tuesday January 15 at the North Bellevue Community Center (4063 148th Ave NE, Bellevue) at 5:30-7:30. From 6:00-7:00 we will be talking with selected families about ways we can improve using a Focus Group format.

Ardmore PTSA Holiday Purge

Clean out your closets over winter break, and bring your bags of textile items to donate (clothing, shoes, bedding…) to the Ardmore elementary foyer between January 11-January 18th. Collected items will be donated to Value Village, who will contribute to the Ardmore PTSA for each pound collected.

5th Grade Girls Project

I have been working with our 5th grade girls for a short time each week to design and complete a project of choice. It is a way for me to get to know our girls better and to support them in their areas of interest. The girls have decided to do something to support the Homeless in Bellevue. Over the coming weeks they will decide on the specifics of the project and start the detailed planning. More information to come.

Dr. Anne Reece


  • 425-456-4704