March 11, 2019


Hello Families,

March is here! Spring is in the air! Daylight savings started on Sunday 3/10 and we are zooming through the year. There is a lot happening in March – the major event will be the Science Fair day and night. See the information at the end of this newsletter.


Dr. Anne Reece


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Upcoming School Events:

Tuesday, March 12 – Equity & Inclusion Team Meeting at school 5:30-7:30 PM

Friday, March 15 – Snow Make up Day – SCHOOL DAY – SCHOOL IS OPEN.

Monday, March 18 – Teacher Professional day – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, March 19 – Ardmore Presentation at BSD Board of Directors – WISC building at 4:00 PM

Friday, March 29 – Science Day and Night Fair


In preparing the data for the Board meeting presentation we generate some data. The graph shows the total number of behavior incident that have occurred each month and how many of these are minor incidents and how many are major incidences. You can see our social and emotional learning program and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) have helps students manage their behavior better.


When we investigate reports coming in for bullying, most are considered behavior incidents rather than bullying. This means that it is the first time the incident has happened. The reteaching and interventions are the same, but we focus on the behavior with each student. Our reports of bullying are still at about 1 per week. We continue to work to towards zero report using our social and emotional instruction. We continue to take bullying very seriously, so please continue to report bullying.



Students in grades 2-5 have taken the third ANet assessment. Our data is showing steady growth. What was noticeable in this round of assessments is that students are taking more time and they are wanting to do better on the assessment. We want to encourage more of this type of disposition towards learning and success.



The ELPA assessment is nearly done. I want to thank our two ELL teachers, Mike Yamakawa and Kristi Middleton for managing this assessment. It affects about half our school and takes quite a while for each student. Our students have tried hard on this assessment. We are super proud of them.



We have a high number of tardy students each day. This means they have a rushed start to the day and are not engaging in the early morning classroom activities. The Attendance team have developed some cards which students will receive to bring home to you to share information about how Tardies affect your child and others in their class.


Some families will be invited to an Attendance Workshop, so we can connect about attendance. The goal of the workshop is to inform families about the importance of attendance and to develop plans to improve attendance. If you are invited, please come so we can work together to improve the academic outcomes for all students.


Car Drop Off and Pick Up

Please DO NOT use the bus driveway to drop off and pick up students. It is not designed for foot traffic and I am concerned about safety. Thank you for using the parent drive through and dropping students at the curb is way safer.



Science Fair

I want to encourage all students to participate in the Science Fair! Students will need family help to get started but they can take it from there! It is a day and night filled with wonder and fun and it will make them more excited if they have something to show you.


The first step is to get a tri-fold display board – they are provided free of charge, donated by the Ardmore PTSA. The boards will be color-coded by grade level for our viewing enjoyment! There is a Science Fair Packet that will help you to understand the scientific method and the engineering process and how to get started. Students can work on the project by themselves or with a partner.


The next step is for students to think about what they are curious about? Find a science or engineering topic that sparks their interest and do an experiment or project and share what they learn!


On March 29, during the Science Fair day and night, students will have their Science/STEM displays around the school and there will be hands-on activities for families, local invited scientist demonstrations and shows, and more! The PTSA has a lot of information about the night on their website: