March 25, 2019


Hello Families,

I hope you have been enjoying these beautiful days. We have two weeks until spring break and the teachers and students have been working hard to make the most of the time we have for your students to learn.

With the nice weather we have seen students getting sick more. I think we have Flu in the building and it is nasty! Some staff have had it too. If your child has a fever, please keep them home and get them to the doctor straight away to see if you can get medication to reduce the impact. Wash your hands and keep healthy.

The Ardmore SCIENCE FAIR is this Friday, March 29! It begins at 6:00 pm and runs until 8:00 pm. Please come! There is so much for students to see and do! It is my first Ardmore Science Fair and I am really looking forward to it. Here is a list of some of the things that will be going on!

  • Mercer Slough – pond water under microscope
  • Obow Farms – farming and composting
  • Lego Tekwell – coding
  • Arcs & Sparking – Electrical Engineering
  • Reptile Man – ANIMALS! 😊
  • Fish Friends of Issaquah – salmon
  • Mad Science


Dr. Anne Reece


  1. 425-456-4704

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School Information School website: . School phone: 425-456-4700. You can email the Office Manager at

Upcoming School Events:

Friday, March 29 – Science Day and Night Fair The PTSA has a website for the event

Monday, April 1 – PBIS 1 Behavior Team Meeting – 2:55-3:55 – Parents are invited to attend

Tuesday, April 2 – PTSA Board Meeting in the Library

Monday April 8 -Friday April 12 – SPRING BREAK – NO SCHOOL

Monday, April 15 – School Safety Team Meeting – 2:55-3:55 – Parents are invited to attend

Tuesday, April 16 – Equity & Inclusion Team Meeting at school 5:30-7:30 PM – we need more parents – please plan to attend

Thursday, April 25 – 3-5 Ardmore Choir Performance “Kid Flix” 6:30-7:00 in Ardmore Café

Friday, May 3 – Emergency Preparedness Family Night 6:00-7:30 in the Café



The warm weather has energized the children. We have seen a light increase in behaviors by some students. We call you when something happens, and we really appreciate your partnership. It is making such a difference for our students.



While we are still getting about one Harassment, Bullying and Intimidation (HIB) reports per week, we are finding most don’t rise to HIB. Rather they are one-time behavior incidents. When we address incidents as they happen it is an isolated incident rather than lots of them that are repeated and prolonged. Thank you for contacting us with incidents. The behavior team is working hard to address them as they arise, and it is working. So please continue to report bullying!



Students in grades 2-5 have taken the third ANet assessment. Our data is showing steady growth. What was noticeable in this round of assessments is that students are taking more time and they are wanting to do better on the assessment. We want to encourage more of this type of disposition towards learning and success.



The ELPA assessment is nearly done. I want to thank our two ELL teachers, Mike Yamakawa and Kristi Middleton for managing this assessment. It affects about half our school and takes quite a while for each student. Our students have tried hard on this assessment. We are super proud of them.



Thanks to the parents who came to our Attendance Workshop. The school has an obligation to make sure you know the impact of high absences for your child and this way of communicating makes it easier to support you.


Our absences are highest in the younger grades. Teachers will be reaching out to you to share how important it is for your child to be at school. The learning they get in the first few years of school sets the foundation for all other years. It is super important students are at school. Some families should be receiving a “Nudge” email with the number of absences your child has compared to the average for the school and district. If you get an email I encourage you to reduce your child’s absences. The school can help you if needed. Just call.


Car Drop Off and Pick Up

I have noticed we are using the bus driveway less for drop off and pick up of students. It is not designed for foot traffic and I am concerned about safety for those who continue to use it. Thank you for using the parent drive through and dropping students at the curb is way safer. It seems to be working better – our dismissal pick-up time is down to about 7 minutes from start to end.


Emergency Preparedness

The school has a Safety Team and the PTSA are learning and planning for emergencies at the school and in the community. We need to learn to be prepared as a community. We need parents to engage in this process so we can make sure we are all safe. A school safety team meets once a month and I invite parents to join this team. The PTSA is organizing a parent Emergency Preparedness night on Friday, May 3 so we can have conversations about your role in emergencies. Please plan to join us on that night.