April 22, 2019

Hello Families,

It has been a fabulous week back from break! Students are showing they are ready to learn and are engaged in some great learning.

As the spring unfolds we have a busy schedule coming up. I encourage you to get involved in the different activities as there is still much to do.


Dr. Anne Reece


  1. 425-456-4704


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School Information School website: . School phone: 425-456-4700. You can email the Office Manager at


Upcoming School Events:


Monday April 22 to Friday April 26 – Food Drive for the Homeless organized by Ardmore’s 5th Grade Girls. Please donate canned and dry foods to help the Homeless of Bellevue.

Thursday, April 25 – 3-5 Ardmore Choir Performance “Kid Flix” 6:30-7:00 in Ardmore Café

Friday, April 26 – 6:00-8:00 – International Night – Families come together to share food and culture!



Friday, May 3 – Earthquake (Emergency) Preparedness Family Night 6:00-7:30 in the Café – District staff will talk about how parents can be prepared.

Monday May 6-May 10 – Teacher Appreciation Week – A note from your child to his/her teacher is always appreciated.

Tuesday, May 7 – 6:00 Ardmore PTSA Board Meeting

Tuesday May 14 – 5:30-7:30 E&I Team Meeting Focus Group meeting (more information to come)

Friday May 24 – 8:10 & 8:40 PBIS Assemblies – Families are welcome to celebrate with us!

Monday May 27 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL



Tuesday, June 4 – 6:00 Ardmore PTSA Board Meeting

Tuesday June 11 – E&I Team Meeting – Parents are welcome to come and help make decisions!

Wednesday June 12 – 1:30-3:00 Building PD on SIP Planning

Tuesday June 18 – 11:00-2:30 (TBC) Field Day and BBQ

Friday June 21 – Promotion Day and Last Day of School



Our overall behavior data continues to show that most of our students are meeting behavior expectations every day. Some students have more challenges but they are getting better and better at regulating themselves. We really appreciate your partnership with us to help your child meet behavior expectations. Without you this work is not possible! I want to thank our amazing Ardmore teachers who work hard every day to teach your child social skills and emotional regulation so they can learn and thrive.



Please continue to report bullying! We are finding that most altercations between students are not HIB but are behavior incidents. When this happens we write a Behavior Conduct Form and ensure consequences are aiming at teaching students how to get along with others. There are still about 1 report coming in each week and almost all are not rising to HIB. Most of our incidents are coming from the bus but there are some on the playground. When the school knows about HIB we can address it – so please keep reporting incidents.



Your children are working hard to make the most of the last quarter of the school year. Teachers are maintaining high expectations and students are meeting those expectations. Teachers are looking at student data in their teams and providing small group interventions all the time to support your child to learn. If you want to learn how your child is doing please contact your teacher for a meeting to learn more.


School Improvement Planning

The school is starting the process to review how we did this year and what we need to consider changing for next year. We welcome your opinion on the work we are doing. Please go to the SIP survey for Families so we can hear from you. Here is the link to the 2018-19 SIP Family Survey:



The 3rd-5th grade students will take the Smarter Balanced assessment in the weeks of May 14-June 5.

Each child spends about 4 days on their Literacy Assessment and 4 days on their Math Assessment (1-2 hours per day). It is important your child is at school and ready to show their best work. This test shows how well the school has done as a community to prepare students to meet grade level standards. This test does not determine if a student goes to the next grade. Some students get stressed with testing and we want to focus on the growth and success. Thinking happy thoughts before a test improves your ability to perform – so we aim to encourage students to try their best without stressing them.

The schedule is currently:

Week of May 13          5th Grade Literacy

Week of May 20          3rd Grade Literacy

4th Grade Literacy

Week of May 27          5th Grade Math

Week of June 3           3rd Grade Math

4th Grade Math



Our Attendance Workshops are getting great turn outs. If you get an invitation we encourage you to come so we can learn how to support you. Kindergarten and 1st grade still have the highest absences. We encourage you to give attendance at school your highest priority. One day of absence takes 3 days to make up the learning. It is important to make sure they keep up with their peers so students need to be here every day.


Car Drop Off and Pick Up

This seems to be working really well – nice work everyone! Let me know if you see any issues we need to address!


International Night is Friday, April 26th 6:00-8:00 PM at the School

Come celebrate the rich diversity that makes up our school during this annual night of culture, global food and entertainment. All families of Ardmore Elementary are encouraged to participate!

  • Traditional cultural attire is encouraged and appreciated. Do the catwalk on stage along with your child and tell us a little about what you are wearing!
  • Travel through the continents, see where your friends come from. Do you have a tradition, a game or a craft to share? Sign up below, for a table to represent at the event. Families can share a table! please sign up!
  • Sample dishes from around the world! This is a Potluck event, so please plan to bring & share your favorite dish (for 20 people).
  • Entertainment! Our very own 3-5 grade “Eagles Choir” will sing for us and the Latino group Baile Folklore Colibri will showcase classical and modern dance styles! If you would like to put up a show – a traditional dance or song or read poems, please sign up!

Have questions? Send an email to


Earthquake (Emergency) Awareness Presentation is Friday, May 3 6:00-7:30 PM at the School

Being ready for emergencies is the priority for everyone in the community. At school we make plans but you need one at home too. Please join the PTSA team in learning more about ways you can prepare. The PTSA is holding a parent Emergency Preparedness night on Friday, May 3 so we can have conversations about your role in emergencies. Please plan to join us on that night.


5th Graders going to Highland Middle School

Highland Middle School and Interlake High School are pleased to invite 5th grade families and students to join us at our 5th Annual International Potluck! We will have live entertainment such as Mariachis, a DJ and games to play and win prizes! Please bring your favorite dish/ dessert to share for the potluck.

This event is provided by Club Latinos Unidos from Highland Middle School, Interlake High School, Family Connection Centers and PTSA’s.

Please save the date: Friday May 3rd, 2019 from 5:30-8:30PM

Where: Interlake High School at the Commons

Any questions or if you would like to help, please contact Mrs. Stockdale at: (425) 456-6413 or