June 3, 2019


Hello Families,

I was super impressed by our band, orchestra, and 2nd grader’s singing this week. Thank you to our families who support the children to practice and become strong musicians. It helps the children in so many ways.


Thank you to our amazing Ardmore PTSA. New officers were elected on Friday night. Thank you to you all for your hard work on the PTSA. It is truly appreciated by everyone in the Ardmore community.


I want to encourage all families to join us for the Field Day on Tuesday June 18. The afternoon will start with a BBQ (includes vegetarian options) which will be followed by games and fun for the children. We are hoping parents can run the activities as well as enjoy some fun with their children. If there was an activity for which you should take a half-day from work this is it. I look forward to seeing you there.


Dr. Anne Reece


  1. 425-456-4704


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School Information School website: School phone: 425-456-4700.


Upcoming School Events:


Tuesday, June 4 – 6:00 Ardmore PTSA Board Meeting

Thursday, June 6 – 6:30 1st Grade Performance of “Go Fish”

Wednesday, June 5 – Coffee with the Principal on Emergency Preparedness

Wednesday, June 5 – Volunteer Luncheon 12:45-1:45 at the School

Tuesday, June 11 – E&I Team Meeting – Parents are welcome to come and help make decisions!

Thursday, June 13 – 6:30 – Kindergarten student Grade Performance of “The Three Piggy Opera”

Tuesday, June 18 – 11:00-2:15 Whole School BBQ (11:00-1:00) and Field Day K-5 (1:00-2:15)

Thursday, June 20 – 5th grade Celebrations at Idlewood

Friday, June 21 – Promotion Day and Last Day of School (early dismissal at 10:10 AM TBC)


Volunteer Luncheon

We would like to invite all Ardmore volunteers to our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon next Wednesday, June 5th from 12:45-1:45. We plan to provide lunch, childcare and a small gift as a token of our appreciation. Please RSVP by emailing so we can plan for food and also have a certificate printed for you to recognize your service.



The state test (SBA) has been stressful for some students and with spring coming on we have seen an increase in behaviors by some students. The school aims to communicate with parents to partner around teaching students the behavior expectations. We rely on the parent partnership to support students. If you have any concerns please call the school and we can meet to talk about issues that students are having.



Thank you for sharing information with the school about incidents that are happening between students. Everyone is working hard to intervene when problems come up so they don’t persist.

In the month of May we had one report of behavior that rose to be a violation of the HIB policy. We are not at zero bullying yet but the incidence of bullying has declined significantly. This shows that when the school knows about HIB we can address it. So please keep reporting incidents and we will follow up.



Some instruction has been interrupted in Grades 3-5 due to the state test (SBA). We have broken the test down so the students only work for a short time each day. K-2 is not taking the test but they are doing end of year assessments. Over the next three weeks teachers will get report cards ready to go home with students on the last day.



We are nearing the end of the state Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA). 3rd and 4th grade have Math this week. Thank you for your help in making sure your children are well rested. It has helped. The results for the SBA are finalized at the end of August and parents are sent a report from the district on how their child did. Our students have worked hard and done their best. Our work on annotating texts and writing CER paragraphs have helped them do a better job this year in literacy.


June 3 June 4 June 5 June 6 June 7
3rd Math CAT 3rd Math CAT

3rd Math PT



SBA makeups



SBA makeups


4th Math CAT 4th Math CAT 4th Math PT
PM – SBA makeups PM – SBA makeups  
June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13 June 14
Reserved for Make-ups Only BSD does not permit scheduled Tests


Amber Out 11-4



I have really noticed improvement in our attendance. It has been great to work on this as a community because every absence affects other children not just your own. Next year we will focus on tardies more as there are many students arriving after 8:05 AM. Thank you everyone for your work on improving attendance this year.


Car Drop Off and Pick Up

Please take the extra minute to use the parent drive through entrance rather than parking your car or using the teacher area. The flow is faster and it is much safer when children get into cars in the drive through lane. They are on the curb and not near any moving cars or buses. Thank you for improving our drop off and pick up procedures.


Turf Field

Ardmore is scheduled for a new Turf Field this summer. The installation will start right after school gets out and it will 6 weeks to complete. The field will be fenced off and not able to be used during this time.


District News – Technology Safety Information Page

The technology department recently created a new public web pages called Technology Safety. Parents are often asked how we keep students safe online or resources for them around internet safety.

The information focuses around the following 5 questions:

  • How do I keep my student’s technology use safe?
  • Is there a way for me to check my student’s online behavior?
  • What is the district doing to protect my student’s information and data privacy?
  • How do teachers manage classroom computers?
  • How can I help my student have a healthy relationship with technology?

If you receive questions about technology safety, please feel free to refer them to these pages or to the technology department.


District News – 5th grade Parents for Summer Reading in Preparation for 6th Grade

In June, students will check out the following novel** from the first unit of study in the fall.

Grade 6: The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Reading the first unit novels will provide students with an opportunity to preview upcoming coursework in their Language Arts class without penalizing students who arrive to the school district in August or September or student who did not have the opportunity to read the novel over the summer. There will no longer be a required summer reading assignment (packet).

Find more information on the district website . If you have questions, please contact Cathy Wellington at


City of Bellevue News – Transportation Survey

The City of Bellevue is seeking travel data on how students travel to and from school and we need your help in distributing this survey to the parents at your school. This annual survey will help us evaluate our strategies for the Bellevue SchoolPool program, which aims to reduce drop-off and pick-up congestion at schools. Please go to this survey link and participate in the survey. The short, five-question survey for each school-aged child, is live until Friday, June 21, 2019. If you have questions, please contact Stela Nikolova, Bellevue SchoolPool Program Lead, at or 425.452.2851.