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Happy Friday Ardmore Families,

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been teaching our students a supplemental curriculum during our social emotional (SEL) block name “Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Program”.  This program teaches students 9 conflict resolution strategies to use when they face a conflict with another peer.  Students are learning to get along with one another, especially when they have differences in opinion.  Kelso’s choices are a simple way of giving students on the spot opportunities to select a strategy to resolve their conflict.  Families, as our partners, we would love for you to consider talking about and using these strategies at home.  Below is a the list of strategies we are learning about at Ardmore and a visual.  Thank you as always for being a partner to us at Ardmore!

It’s the students choice:

1.       Wait and cool off

2.       Go to another game

3.       Talk it out

4.       Share and take turns

5.       Ignore it


Meet Kelso

Walk away

7.       Tell them to stop

8.       Apologize

9.       Make a deal



Ms. Arroyo, Ardmore Elementary Principal

Diagnostic Testing starting in November at Ardmore
Starting in November, we will begin to offer diagnostic testing of COVID-19 at Ardmore.  This is another mitigating measure we are incorporating to prevent transmission at school.  By now, families should have received information by the district regarding testing at school.  This following week, a letter from Ardmore will be forwarded to you with more information on our start date and how we will handle this process.  We look forward to integrating this new measure as it can support our families have greater access to testing that is convenient and reduce lengths of time a student may have to be out of school.
Announcements: November 1-5, 2021


November 1, 2021





November 2, 2021



November 3, 2021

Early Dismissal at 12:20 pm


November 4, 2021



November 5, 2021


First Quarter

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