Bellevue School District Strategic Plan

Eileen Harrity, Chief of Staff, Bellevue School District

Come to learn more about the District’s plan for the next five years.

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Bellevue Schools Foundation: Lasting Impact

Chris Marks, Bellevue Schools Foundation Trustee

Chris Marks has been associated with the Bellevue School District for 30 years as a parent, PTSA leader, 14 years on the school board, and now as a Bellevue Schools Foundation trustee. There are many stories Chris could tell to illustrate how the Foundation has been a great partner in Innovation with Bellevue Schools, but she’ll focus on three: National Board Certification, Project Discovery (the first STEM in Bellevue, FOS data kits), and the Race to the Top grant to Sammamish High School.

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College Admissions Process

Arty Christiano, Counselor, International School,

Sarah Menesh Berger, Counselor, Bellevue High School,

Alishia Ruff, Admissions Counselor University of Washington,

Introduction to the college admissions process with various focuses from technical schools, community colleges, in-state colleges, and private/out-of-state colleges. During this workshop, you’ll also learn about how Naviance is used during senior year to apply to colleges. (Interpreters are available for this session!)

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Coping with Stress and Anxiety (Youth Eastside Services)

Brianna Chamberlain, MSW, LSWAIC, CDPT works at Youth Eastside Services in partnership with Bellevue School District to provide mental health and substance abuse services to students, including assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and education and prevention work.

Monica Wang, LMHCA works at Youth Eastside Services in their Youth and Family program, provides mental health counseling services to children, youth and their families.

This presentation will cover what anxiety is and how it develops, how stress and anxiety are related, strategies for managing stress and panic attacks, as well as treatment information and resources.

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Dr. Ivan Duran

Dr. Ivan Duran, Superintendent, Bellevue School District

The mission and vision for the Strategic Plan and thoughts going into his second year as BSD superintendent.

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Emergency Preparedness Efforts in the District

James Douglas, Director of Security, Bellevue School District

We will discuss the safety, security, and emergency preparedness efforts in the district that are being made to provide for a safe learning environment.

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Executive Functioning Skills

Jared Taylor, Behavior Specialist, Bellevue School District

Executive Functioning skills are frontal lobe brain activities that involve planning, organization, inhibiting, initiation, etc. These skills develop over time. In this session, parents will learn strategies on how to support their children while these skills develop and how to identify and support students when concerns exist.

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Health and Wellness

Carrie Lang, MSN, RN, NCSN; Director of Special Education; Health Services; Bellevue School District

Learn about health and wellness topics for school-aged children, including immunizations, lice management, allergies, medications at school, concussion recovery, health supports at school and more!

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Introduction to Naviance

Arty Christiano, Counselor, International School

Sarah Menesh Berger, Counselor, Bellevue High School

Alishia Ruff, Admissions Counselor University of Washington

Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that is used across the district for self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation. Come learn about all the amazing tools Naviance has to offer and how it is used in our schools!

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PTSA and BSF: The function of PTSA and Schools Foundation in U.S. Education System

Lily Yin, Co-Advocacy Director, Bellevue PTSA Council

What is the organization of the Parent Teacher Student Association? What is the Bellevue School Foundation? Their role in the education of the Bellevue School District. How do parents participate?

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PTSA Council: Building the Family, School and District Partnership

Jess Garcia, Co-Advocacy Director, Bellevue PTSA Council

The cornerstone to our community is our students. How can we as families, in partnership with schools and the school district administration, work together to not only have communication when there are possible concerns but also to celebrate successes as well?

PTSA Council: Quick Reference Guide to Bellevue School District (BSD) Essentials

Jess Garcia, Co-Advocacy Director, Bellevue PTSA Council

The Bellevue School District has so many offerings and supports for all students that sometimes it is overwhelming to families to know where to start. This presentation will provide resources for everyone with students of all ages from new families to families that have been in the district for many years.

PTSA Council: Speaking to the School Board

Jess Garcia, Co-Advocacy Director, Bellevue PTSA Council

Does the thought of speaking during the open public comment at the school board meetings scare you? Not to fear, we will be discussing the process of public comment as well as other ways to communicate with the school board – yes they really do want to hear from all of the community – families and students.

PTSA Council: What to Expect for New Families

Melissa Richardson, Co-Vice-President, Bellevue PTSA Council

Welcome to Bellevue, WA! What should you expect when sending your child(ren) to school in the United States, when your own early school experience was so different? One parent will share her experience and bestow what she’s learned—so far. Stay afterwards to connect with other parents or find advice to your own personal questions. (Interpreters are available for this session!)

SEL: K-5 Elementary Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Supports for Student Well-Being

Randi Peterson, Curriculum Developer, Bellevue School District

Come learn about the universal social emotional learning supports at the elementary level to support student well-being in Bellevue.

SEL: Secondary Social Emotional Learning & Attendance

Wendy Powell is one of the SEL Curriculum Developers in the Teaching & Learning Department

Kenny Wong serves as the Supervisor for Equity and Student Success

This presentation will cover what Social Emotional Learning is, why it is critical, and how caregivers can support the development of SEL skills. In addition, we will briefly present the importance of attendance and how that plays into the well-being of students and their success in school. We will also share the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying prevention scope and sequence for grades 6–12.

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Social Media and Cyber Bullying (Youth Eastside Services)

Delaney Knottnerus MSW, CDP works at Youth Eastside Services in partnership with Bellevue School District to provide screening and interventions for students in our community.

This presentation will cover how youth are using social media to bully their peers, tips for parents on signs and symptoms, and how to take steps in reporting and protecting yourself and others. Topics covered: cyberbullying, popular social media platforms, how to report cyberbullying, self harm and suicidal ideation expressed on social media as well as resources.

Special Education

Kelley Clevenger and Brenda Arroyo, Directors of Special Education

Special education services in the Bellevue School District and how we work collaboratively to provide a full continuum of services to all students.

Substance Abuse-Juuls, Vapes, Cannabis . . .What’s Out There? How to Support Youth in Making Healthy Choices (Youth Eastside

Kristie Neklason MC, CDP, is the Director of Substance Use and Cooccurring Disorders Counseling Services at Youth Eastside Services and oversees the school based YES Behavioral Health Support Program.

Find out what substances are available to youth, their effects, and how to support youth in making healthy choices.


Judy Buckmaster, Executive Director of Community Development, Bellevue School District

The Bellevue School District values volunteers and community partners actively participating in our schools. This session will help you understand how to get involved.