Peer Mediation is now available at Bellevue High School. Peer mediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes between students. Students who use mediation are empowered to create their own resolution rather than using an Administrator to solve their problem. We currently have 12 student mediators. They completed a 2-day training and are excited to begin supporting their peers through mediation.

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Mediation is a completely confidential and restorative process. Referrals to mediation can be made by teachers, administrators, counselors, and other Bellevue High School staff. Students can also refer other students or themselves. Mediation is available to all BHS students. We have at least one peer mediator from each grade on our peer mediation team.

Once a mediation referral is made and the mediation is scheduled, two peer mediators and the disputants sit in a private, neutral space. The peer mediators then facilitate a conversation between the disputants, helping them work toward a resolution. A peer mediator’s job is to remain neutral and preserve the balance of power in the room. They are not responsible for solving the problem. This process is confidential; all parties involved sign an agreement to keep what’s expressed in mediation confidential. To best support the program and the new student mediators, a staff program adviser will be present during each mediation.